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In this lesson students will be introduced to the writing task 1 of IELTS exam. Students will have a preliminary study of a line graph and they will study fundamentals of graph description particularly about line graphs.


Abc some gap-fill hand outs and projector

Main Aims

  • ss will learn some significant expressions and structures in describing line graphs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • SS will learn indirectly about using adverbs, adjectives and simple past tense.


review (5-10 minutes) • reviewing some points of last session

T-S ask SS to briefly explain last session's tips on charts. T-S ask SS to read their homework to the class. T-S check their answers and correct them if needed.

introduction to line graph (18-20 minutes) • how to write an introduction paragraph for line graph description

T-S draw a model line graph on a white board T-S write a model answer as an introduction sentence to it. T-S formulate the structure for writing an introduction sentence to SS. T-S show some other examples with different kinds of line graphs on projector to SS S-S ss write introduction sentences to given examples. S-WB ask SS to come to the board and write the model answer

line graph trends (23-27 minutes) • SS will learn some useful expressions various trends on line graph.

T-WB draw some trends including rising, dropping, and plateau on the board and write some useful verbs and nouns for describing them. T-WB write one model sentence on the board in order to use given expressions. T-S highlight the structure for using those verbs and nouns beside their adjectives and adverbs in a sentence. T-S show some trends as an example to SS and ask them to describe them using suitable structure in pairs. T-S check their mistakes if needed.

feedback (3-5 minutes) • to receive some feedback about today's topic

T-S give SS some assignments which are about some line graphs and and ask them to describe them. T-S check SS questions in case of existence.

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