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Like, love, don't like and hate with verb + ing
Beginner English level


In this lesson, T will demonstrate the use of like/love/don't like/hate with verb form + ing.


Abc Gist-type pictures of love, hate, like and don't like
Abc HO Love it, like it, hate it!

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of use of like, love, don't like and hate with verb + ing

Subsidiary Aims

  • Provide vocabulary and controlled speaking for accuracy


Warmer/Lead-in (5 minutes) • To introduce new vocabulary/review previous vocabulary for meaning and pronunciation accuracy.

T will introduce new vocabulary with HO exercise matching phrases to pictures. Ss will check their answers in pairs. T will check answers on WB with attention to misunderstood words and attention to pronunciation accuracy.

Use of like, dislike, love and hate (10-15 minutes) • Grammar: Use of like, don't like, love and hate + verb-ing

T will elicit from Ss through pictures/visual cues the words like/don't like and love/hate. T will demonstrate with use of WB while eliciting from Ss, i.e. "I like dancing"/"I love animals", to get Ss to match the phrases to the vocabulary from Stage 1. This stage will be done with practice for speaking accuracy and fluency. T will verbally elicit from Ss sentences using like, don't like, love and hate with attention to form and pronunciation. T will demonstrate grammar use with attention to like/don't like, love/hate with noun OR verb + ing form. WCF.

Vocabulary and grammar sentences (8-10 minutes) • To give Ss practice for accuracy with form and pronunciation of new vocabulary and grammar.

T will demonstrate on WB: i.e. "I like shopping for clothes". "I don't like horror films". T will have Ss write 8 sentences about themselves using vocabulary from exercise 1 with like/don't like /love/hate. T will pair Ss and have them check their sentences with practice speaking for fluency. T will ask Ss to read aloud a sentence. WCF

Find someone who....Yes, I do; No, I don't (10 minutes) • To give students practice listening to and answering yes/no questions

T will give HO, Find someone who..., designed to get Ss using TL while practicing fluency in speaking. WC. Mingle. T wıll elıcıt from students ...who likes dancing?, who likes soap operas? etc....WCF

Flashcard sentences (3-5 minutes) • To get Ss to construct sentences for practice in speaking fluency

T gives each Ss a flashcard with a word or group of words and Ss uses learned vocabulary/grammar from today's lesson to construct and speak their sentence. WCF.

Optional stage--True or False produced sentences (5-8 minutes) • Use grammar with vocabulary to practice writing and fluency in speaking.

T will elicit from Ss to write 6 sentences about themselves using I like/don't like/love or hate. Ss will pair up and read their sentences and the other Ss will have to guess whether the sentence is true or false. PW. T wıll elicit from students and WC wıll guess T or F.

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