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Main Aims

  • to practice listening for gist, specific information
  • To practice reading for gist and specific information
  • to practice writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice speaking


Intro / Warmer (9-11 minutes) • to set the context, get students speaking

WB: Class aims: skills lesson - listening, reading. WB: What makes a bad day? What makes a bad week? Think of the worst week you can imagine. Write five hypothetical events that could happen to make it the worst week. Use past simple. CCQ - does your story have to be true? no. Share your stories in groups.

reading (7-8 minutes) • introduce video / reading, pre teach

We're going to watch a clip from a program about Howard's worst week ever - the show is about one event in the week. Before we watch the clip, we will read about the program, but first lets check these words: publisher nightmare desperate(ly) granny generation Read the questions in ex. 1, read and answer. Discuss in groups.

DVD warmup (5-6 minutes) • set the context of weddings, speaking

WB: buy rings, book the church (mosque), book a venue for the reception, order flowers, buy a dress, choose the music, arrange the food, choose a best man, write a speech. Which of these things do people do for weddings in Turkey? What else is done to prepare for a wedding? Who does each of these things? Discuss in groups

DVD (10-12 minutes) • To practice listening for gist, specific information

1st watch: 2a. read the events, order them as they happen in the video. check in pairs. 3a. try to remember who said each of the quotations. 2nd watch: watch again and check answers to 3a. check in pairs. 4a. complete the sentences about how the characters felt. check in pairs.

Listening 5a, 5b (4-5 minutes) • to listen for gist, specific information

5a. read the sentences, listen and choose which statement is NOT true. Discuss in groups. 5b. Listen again and tick the key phrases.

Writing 5c (10-14 minutes) • to practice writing

Choose one of the questions to answer. Answer the question using some of the key phrases. Write at least four sentences. 10 minutes. Share stories in groups.

Distribute HW (2-3 minutes)

explain that students will answer another question from the list in 5c. this answer should be longer than the one they did in class (150-200 words). Distribute HO, let students read, answer any questions.

BBC video podcast

Intro: we're going to watch a video of people being interviewed on the street. The questions are about how the people are feeling.r Distribute HO. stop video after each question. allow students to discuss in groups, then elicit answers.

letter of advice

Discuss: what do you do when you need advice? who do you ask for advice? Read the dilemma. Discuss possible solutions in groups. Read response one - discuss in groups to clarify / summarize Read response two - discuss in groups to clarify / summarize Discuss which option is better, why? Read 12A dilemma. Discuss the problem in groups Write a letter to the person giving your advice.

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