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Beginner (A1) level


In this lesson, students will learn about, vocabulary related basic food and drink items via presentation and vocabulary practice. The lesson starts with showing the students a couple of food and drink pictures on the white board. This is followed by a choral form to work on the vocabulary and pronunciation followed by an individual matching practice in the form of a white board game .Then the sentence frames are introduced followed by a pair work. Finally a full class mingle is prepared via a question game.


Abc Food and Drink

Main Aims

  • To present and practice vocabulary related to basic food and drink items.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review basic present simple structures to express eating and drinking habits.


Introducing the TL (9-10 minutes) • Learning about the names of foods and drinks

I will hold up pictures on flash cards of foods and drinks and will ask what they are called to the class.then check and fix the pronunciation of the names via repeating after me.

Individual Matching (4-5 minutes) • To locate and match the correct name

I will hand out some name cards to random students and after showing one example on how to procede I will ask them to post the correct name under the correct food or drink.

Name Finding (9-10 minutes) • Finding the names of some foods and drinks by picture showing

I will post a picture on the WB from the student book, exercise 1-2 with some food and drink pictures and will give an example on naming one of them. Then will have the students work in pairs and write down the names of the remaining ones, finish the activity by reading the answers out loud.

Introducing "I like, I love" (4-5 minutes) • Get students to make a sentence in its true form

After doing exercise 3-6 (except ex 5) from the student book, students will practice the sentences that are also written on the WB

Whole Class Mingle (4-5 minutes) • To have students ask each other questions

I will hand out a questionnaire to the students with food and drink names listed next to individual boxed and will ask the students to find people that either like or love the product and have them write those names in the boxes

Final Game (9-10 minutes) • To have students play a vocabulary game in divided groups.

Students will be divided into groups and form a line, I will hand out small pieces of paper with food names written on them and will ask them to post the name under the correct food or drink, the first one to post wins the round and the group with most wins will be the victor of the game.

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