hasan hasan

Pre- Intermediate level


first of all,i'm gong to get to know my self to my students quickly.recap frequency and grammar.recap the expressions via writing some expressions in a random way and ask the students to rewrite them in order.Ask the students some questions about a British way of life.The stents focus on the photo and ask what are the people doing? The students are going to listen to Louise answering some questions in a survey.time is needed for the students in order to have ai idea about the text


Main Aims

  • To raise awareness of vocabulary collections about free time activities-"play, do, go , go to"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give SS an opportunity to practice speaking and use follow on questions.


pre-intermediate • To listen for specific information and to check prediction,to check ss comprehension,to highlight frequency adverb and tome phrase in the text. to elicit the frequency /order of phrases

ss listen to text one time and check if their guesses were correct or not. board example sentences from the text British usually eat fish and chips once a month British people go on holiday twice a year. say I am gong to underlie some important words,underline - usually and once a month. elicit the important word from other sentences elicit "how often do you ?" Draw a line above the sentences and mark with a ? draw times of frequency on the board 0-100 less----most often stick target phrases on the board -give one or two examples ask ss to work in pairs and order the phrases - invite ss to board to arrange

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