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Rod Turner TP1: First Meetings (Listening Ex)
English Pre-Intermediate level


Give students practice in listening for specific information. After providing context, there will be three listening excercises for students work on.


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Main Aims

  • The aim is to give students practice in listening for specific information in the context of first meetings.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review question forms and to give students freer speaking practice.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set the context for listening to the game show

I will lead in and with telling the students what my lesson is about. I will set the context of how this lesson ties into the previous lesson with the theme of couples and discuss the meaning of first meetings. I will then setup the listening exercise by talking about the game show that relates to first meetings.

Listening Exercise 1 (5-10 minutes) • Listen to audio and answer True or False

I will set up the first listening audio piece and then asked the students to answer True or False to the questions in the HO. I will pass out the HO and go over the questions first before listening to the audio. Maybe listen to the audio twice if I feel the students didn't get it the first time. This is an individual activity but I will encorage peer checks. Tapescript 11 will run 1:08

Listening Exercise 2: Tape 12 (15-20 minutes) • Fill in the corrent tense and answer the questions

I will ask the class to break into groups with the students close to them and work on section 2 of the HO which involves the following: 1. Fillling in the correct tense for the six questions. 2. Listening to the audio and finding the answer to the six questions involving Rosie. I will provide instructions after getting them into groups and use the first question as an example of how to use the correct tense. Tapescript 12 will run 1:48

Listening Exercise 3: Tape 13 (5-10 minutes) • Checking for matching answers

The students will be in the same group when listening to the last piece of audio. The AIM is to see if David's answers match Rosie's answers. I will instruct the students to use a check mark for the same answers and an x for different answers. Tapescript 13 will run 1:11

If Time Activity: Ways people first meet (0-20 minutes) • To interact more witht the students and keep focus on the aim

I will make the students go back into pairs and list the different ways/places people can first meet. Some examples will be: 1. Friends 2. Family 3. Street 4. Class 5. Work 6. Vacation (holiday) 7. Facebook (Internet) 8. Public Transportation (Subway, bus, dolmus)

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