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jobs lesson


Abc CD Audio Track(Elementary ) also pictures about jobs and some sheets

Main Aims

  • To provide specific information about jobs and percentage using text and pictures

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide new words in a debate in the context


Background • Class Profile

The students in this elementary level are between the age 16 and 30.They usually come tired after work.They are enthusiastic to learn English and they very much enjoy discussions.They sometimes use their first language.


I asume that Ss in this level will used to listening exercise and procedures.They may know some words they hear and understand them clearly.I think few of them might have troubles and want to know every word.I think they will spend some times in speaking activity.

Personal Aims

In this lesson,I'm going to pay attention to the timing and try not to rush Ss to finish their activities.I'm going to give Ss the time they needed for each activity but not too long.

Anticipated Problems&solutions

1-Problem:Ss may spend too long time in discussion.Solution:control the discussion by clearing instructions. 2-Problem:May some Ss face something difficult to answer.Solution:Monitor for any confusion and play the track another time for Ss to find the answers.

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