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Reading and Writing for Primary Movers
Primary Mover 1 level


In this lesson the students will practice using Past Simple while constructing a short illustrated story using sentence prompts


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Main Aims

  • The students will have produced a story board and written at least part of the story
  • The students will have practised using past simple verbs, sentence linkers and present simple in speech marks.

Subsidiary Aims

Perhaps the most important element of any plan is the part where we say what our aims are.Jeremy Harmer in The Practice of English Language Teaching


Introduction (6-8 minutes) • To review target vocabulary for undersea creatures

Put the students in pairs, one stronger student with one weaker. Hand out the definitions sheet and direct the students to look for the yellow scrambled words around the room. e.g a creature who looks like a girl with a fish tail (rmiaemd) mermaid

Story Review (8 minutes) • The students will review a recent story

Keep the students in their stronger/weaker pairs. Hand out the note sheets to each pair Ask them to brief notes (maybe 4) about a story they heard recently, try to keep the notes in the order of a story. Remind them they can chat on their table if they are not sure, also they can ask their teacher.

Quick Chat (3 minutes) • Concept Checking

Get everyone's attention. Go through the notes they have made. Is everyone clear about the stages of a simple story? Is everyone clear about sequencing?

Story board (12 minutes) • To provide a visual guide and interest in their story

Explain that they are going to write their own individual story but they can still work together while they are making their picture. Handout the sheet of A4 paper showing the mermaid . Hand out the cut up sentence linkers. Ask the students to place the linkers on the paper in the order they could use them. Monitor, check and stick. Finally say '5 minutes to choose 6 sea creatures and cut them out, but DO NOT STICK anywhere. Go!' NB students do not need to cut around the edge of the animals, they should only cut out the basic outline.

Writing prompts (10 minutes) • To help weaker students construct good sentences.. To think about the vebs we could use like /see/ask/say/find/swim/know/

Put the students in pairs with a child of similar ability. Hand out the sentence prompt sheets. Students make sentences with either the past simple or present simple in speech marks. Monitor, check and help

The storyboard • The students choose where to place their creatures with reference to ttheir own story.

Hand out sheets of A3 white card, with the mermaid in place. Using the materials they have prepared, to guide them, the students place their creatures in the correct order on their card, check and stick. Monitor closely before sticking.

Writng (15 minutes) • The students will write at least the first two sentences.

Ask the students to wrie out the first sentence they have prepared. Remind them to look at the whiteboard for examples and their practice sentences for help. Ask them to complete the second. Some children will complete more than two, Others will need help to achieve two. Ask the students to finish the sentences for homework ready for sticking next lesson and to colour their pictures nicely (NB If you stick white on white and colour afterwards, you can't see the joins)

Plenary (3 minutes) • A quick roundup

Ask the students what animals they chose. Why? Tell them their story boards look brilliant. Please colour them neatly for homework and remember to bring them next lesson with their completed sentences.

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