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Teaching Practice #2
Upper Intermediate level


This lesson is integrated skills - listening and speaking. SS will have the opportunity to listen and talk about a general achievement. Some activities are teacher-led where students get to talk about what they say in the pictures, then activities become graded from controlled practice to free.


Abc Pictures
Abc Handout
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Main Aims

  • To talk about general achievments.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce related phrases and listening for specific detail.


Warm up (5-7 minutes) • To set the theme and contextualise the topic

-Show images using OHP. -Ask learners Who is the person in the image and what do you know about him ? -Monitor and correct speaking while practiced. -Discuss ideas with learners.

Lead-in (10-12 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and prepare the learners for more challenging activities

-Set the activity, ex.1,pg.56 -Do the first example with the class -Put SS in pairs and set time limit (5min) -Monitor and help if necessary -Ask students to stand up and check their answers -Put SS again in pairs -Set ex 2 (5min) -Peer assessment -Check with class

Listening for detail (10-12 minutes) • To practice listening skill

-Ask SS to read the questions in ex.3, pg.56 -Play the recording -Pause after each person -Ask SS to answer the questions -Peer check -Play recording again to check

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • To practice speaking skill

-Set the activity ex1, pg.57 -Put SS in pairs -Ask them to choose topic (1min) -Ask them to plan what they will talk about(5min) -Monitor and provide help -Ask first one to change his seat and make new pairs -Ask students to share their ideas -

Wrap up (1-2 minutes) • To conclude the lesson

-Ask students to give their ideas about the most and the least interesting story.

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