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Adjectives in the context of describing appearances and feelings
Elementary level


In this lesson ss will practice adjectives in the context of describing appearances and feelings.


Abc pictures of Adele and Soad Hosny
Abc Projector
Abc Blu Tac
Abc YouTube videos
Abc Colorful cards
Abc Whiteboard and/or projector
Abc Pictures of Enrique Iglesias, Nicole Kidman and famous people
Abc New English File Elementary Student's book pp 29 and 146

Main Aims

  • By the end ss will have practiced using various adjectives in the context of describing physical appearances and feelings.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To distinguish between not, very and quite.
  • To practice Listening and speaking.


Lead-in (8-15 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Present to the students pictures of opposite adjectives, such as: tall and short, thin and fat,etc... and ask them about these adjectives (CCQ) to make sure they understand the difference between them. Try to make the students guess/elicit the topic of the lesson (adjectives) and write it on the board. Further set the context by displaying photos of Adele and Soad Hosny and asking students questions about them to introduce vocabulary like famous, actress and singer. Hang pictures of Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Kidman on the board, give students cards that have their description on it and let the students match their description that are on cards. Demonstrate with them by doing the activity with them. Monitor the activity. Play a Video of Iglesias and Kidman to present the two famous people to the students.

Controlled practice and teaching vocabulary (8-15 minutes) • To make ss familiar with a wide range of vocabulary

Divide ss into two groups and give each group a number of cards. Ask ss in group one to find the opposite of adjectives with group two. Demonstrate with them by showing them the activity. Monitor the activity then do exercise 2a p.146. Choose three ss of different heights and let them stand by the board to know the difference between very tall, quite tall and not very tall. Demonstrate the activity. Answer exercise 2c p.146. Teach the following words: Quite: \ ˈkwīt \ (adv) Fair: \ ˈfer \ (adj)

Controlled speaking and listening practice (5-10 minutes) • To make ss use adjectives in describing famous people

Divide ss into pairs and let them chose a famous character and describe them using the adjectives they learnt. Demonstrate the task with them Let ss match the adjectives with pictures in exercise 5d, then listen and check answers.

Free speaking (2-5 minutes) • Make the students practice all adjectives and new vocabulary they learnt

Divide ss into pairs, ask them to stand up and try to describe how they feel. (tired, thirsty, hungry) as in exercise 5f p.29. Demonstrate the activity. Monitor the activity and play some music in the back.

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