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Teaching Practice 3
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, the context of clothes and fashion will be set by using pictures and discussion.A radio programme where two fashion journalists are talking about their fashion rules will be listened to get students to discuss the topic. A vocabulary game will be used to get students engaged into language focus.Matching words with the pictures of clothes will be used to elicit vocabulary. To present new vocabulary, students will be asked to categorize the given words.Students will be asked to write correct phrases under the given pictures to practise new words. Pronunciation of target language will be focused on. A clothes quiz will be done to practise the new words in an appropriate context. In case of extra time, pronunciation of some target language will be practised through drilling.


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Main Aims

  • Learning new words related to clothes and fashion

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening for gist and detail
  • Making use of new words through speaking


Lead in (4-6 minutes) • To introduce the topic and pre-teach blocker words

Students will be shown a picture in which people's faces can not be seen. Students will be asked to discuss how old those people are and what makes them think like that in pairs. They will write their answer on the board. The original picture will be shown and the information about people's age will be shown and students will be asked what misled them while guessing the answers ( the ones whose answers are wrong might answer the question if some pairs guess the answer correctly) After hearing the concept of "not wearing your age" from students, they will be shown some pictures and asked to elicit the words.

Listening for gist (4-5 minutes) • To listen for gist

Students will be told they are going to listen to a radio programme where two fashion journalists are talking about "dressing your age".The exercise 1 on the handout will be done individually. -Students stop listening after they find the first answer, to keep them listening the audio there is one extra idea in the exercise.- Students will check their answer in pairs first and then answers will be written on WB.

Listening for detail (7-9 minutes) • To listen for detail to complete sentences

Students will listen to the radio programme again to complete the sentences. They will be told to look at the exercise 2 just for 30 seconds. Then, the audio will be played twice. Students will check their answers in pairs and then they check their answers from the hung answer key.

Vocabulary Revision (5-7 minutes) • To recall known words related to the context

Students will be grouped to play a game. "on your hands and arms","around your neck", "on you feet", and "on your head" will be written on WB. Groups will line up in front of their category. They will be asked to write as many words as they can write in 1 minute. The words will be counted and the winner group will be chosen. To activate their background knowledge about clothes, a picture will be shown and the groups will be asked to write their answers on a piece of paper. The answers will be reflected.

Vocabulary Presentation (10-13 minutes) • To teach and practise new words

Students will be asked to fold the handout in order to see just the words in the box in exercise 3. They will look at the words and tick the ones they know and cross the ones they do not know individually. Then, they will mingle and try to learn the words they do not know from the students who know. They will go back to their seat and work in groups to categorize the words. One group will write the answer of materials category and the other one will write the clothes one. The answers will be checked as whole class. Teacher will explain how to combine the words by giving one answer and then students will do exercise 4 individually. They will check their answers in pairs and then the answers will be reflected.

Speaking (3-5 minutes) • To make use of the learnt words

Students will be asked to talk about what one of the students from the class is wearing by using the learnt and revised words. Students will try to guess who that person is.

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