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listening lesson
elementary level


By the end of the lesson the students will be able to listen for the gist and to scan for detail. At the final stage, they will use core vocab related to context in a controlled practice.


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Main Aims

  • To practise listening for gist and specific information in the context of talking about how people met

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practise controlled speaking.


Lead in (10-15 minutes) • activate student's schemata

T through a PPT presentation will elicit core vocabulary related to context i.e: couple, wedding, marriage, dress, arranged weddings/marriage. T will merge this stage with the pre-teach and will remove learning barriers T will deal out words in small paper strips and divide class into two groups. Q1 will be worked on as a demonstration for what the students are supposed to have things done in Q2: T uses set of pictures in a PPT asks Ss if they could reorder the sentence 1-7 depending on their own knwledge. T demonstrates through example 1 ( done) and 7 and have Ss work on other sentences. T will deal out words in small paper strips and divide class into two groups the words are meant to have Ss think of two different stories. This might help Ss guess the content of both stories dealt with in the while stage.

Listening (10-20 minutes) • Have students scan for detail

Q4 T plays a short part of first passage - Demonstrates through Q2 what did Carly think of Ned. Carly thought Ned was very good-looking T plays both passages and have students answer Q4 in pairs for checking T scatters ansers on pieces of paper around the room to motivate students Q 5 T plays again a short part of first recording T demonstrates through example A --answer is C (Carly) T plays both recordings again T then allows time for individual work T allows peer check whole class correction on board (word doc)

controlled practice • practice controlled speaking

T uses PPT to demonstrate the task T uses some prompts on some paper strips for students to use in their intended controlled speaking (the ones provided on the course book) T demonstrates and helps generate a bit more of ideas like where possibly someone could meet their husband/wife/boyfriend Students then will be allowed to speak and share their experiences with friends.

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