Teaching Practice 3
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, I will make use of the previous lesson and use the same context without losing Ss' interest to elicit, present and practice the TL which is past perfect simple and continuous covering the use, the pronunciation and the form. Ss are also expected to review the past simple and past continuous tenses in the same previous context. After that, students practice the target language through the productive skills, writing and speaking.


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Main Aims

  • To elicit, present and practice Grammar (past perfect simple and continuous) in the context of three urban legend stories

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of grammar (past perfect simple and continuous) by using productive skills which are writing and reading in a set context.


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To set the scene to present the TL and energies the learners

start the lesson by setting the scene to present the TL by dividing the class into three groups. Give clear instructions about the game. Each group must give sentences about a specific story avoiding a break of more than 5 seconds or they lose.

Language input (12-14 minutes) • To provide the learners with restricted exposure to the TL with guided clarification in the set context.

Present three marker sentences taken from the previous listening task. Ask students to answer the questions for Ex4.a individually in 3 minutes, then they check in groups. Go around monitoring and elicit the use of the past simple and continuous using CCQ. Draw a timeline as a clarification. Ask Ss to answer questions for Ex4.b individually in 2 minutes and to check answers in groups then the fill the gaps to discover the meaning. Now for Ex4c and d do the same steps and technique to present the meaning and the form of the past perfect simple and continuous.

Pronunciation and drilling (5-6 minutes) • To encourage the learners to pronounce the TL accurately, especially the weak forms.

Write '' The man had been searching for a special make of cigar'' on the board. Ask ICQ to highlight and elicit the weak forms and the stressed words which are different aspects of pronunciation. Then ask students to drill it individually and chorally using back-chaining technique for 5 minutes.

Controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • Provide students with practice of TL in a context and provide appropriate feedback

Ask students to do Ex.6 ans Ex. 7 in 8 minutes individually to practice what they have learned about the target language. Then they compare their answers in pairs and I check with the class. I go around and provide appropriate feedback and correction.

Writing/Speaking (16-18 minutes) • Allow students to personalize the TL and implement it by using productive skills and to share their stories with their peers

Put students into pairs, Student A and student B. Ask student As to read their own story and student Bs do the same in 8 minutes. Tell them they are going to tell their urban legend to their partners, so they must write down ten phrases or words from their story to help them remember it. Move around to monitor and help ss with new vocabulary.Now ask them to turn their story papers and take turns to tell each other their urban legends in 8 minutes using their own words, using the words/phrases they wrote to help them. Finally, ask students which of the urban legends in the lesson they think is the best.

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