Miranda Miranda

Love in the supermarket
Intermediate B1 level


By the end of this lesson ,students will have had practice reading and speaking in the context of shopping .


Abc board/marker
Abc handouts(New English File Intermadiate p-84,p-153,p-141

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson ,students will have had practice reading and speaking in the context of grammar exercises on reported speech and audio texts on shopping .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice semi controlled/less restricted speaking in the context of talking about the favourite shops and shopping.


Warmer (3 minutes) • To engage ss and generate interest in topic.Set up context.

T will greet students. T wili say: As you know i have a familly and every week-end I have to buy food, drinks and goods.So I need to go to...........(supermarket). T will try to elicit this word .What kind of place is it? (It is place with many shelves ,you choose things and pay for it as you leave). T will ask ss if they know that does the word''goods'' mean? and elicit the meaning from ss. (things that are produced to be sold-books,pecs,hats etc.that you can touch)

Gist reading (5-9 minutes) • To quickly overview of the text

T will ask ss for setting context to the text: While buying all necessary items,what alse can happen in the supermarket...close your eyes and imagine :you are in the supermarket, you are single...and suddenly you meet someone...open your eyes(T will show them a picture of heart). So out text is about -Love in the supermarket... Before T gives ss a text asks:do you know what does the word:argument means?(things that are produced to be sold) queue-(a line of people, cars, etc. waiting for something or to do something) T will elicit the meaning. T will give the text and ask ss to guess the last word. Elicit ideas and then give them the right word ''over''-(their relationship was over) T will give ss a task to complete the speech bubbles-in pairs,check the answers with other classmates and then Ss will listen to audio 6.1 and check the answers.T will get feedback by asking -what can you say about the picture number-1,number-2....

Grammar (7-10 minutes) • To practice grammar by doing grammar exercise

T will ask ss for setting the context to grammar -reported speech:So , Somebody ,for example ,the woman's (from the text) friend saw this situation in the supermarket when they were choosing vegetables,how she would tell the first sentence to someone from picture -3to .T will help Ss- ''When they were choosing vegetables he said that: ....he was fallingin love with her''. T will ask ss to repeat the sentence-'He he said that he was falling in love with her'' T will write these two sentences on the white board,and ask ss :what is the difference between these sentences.and will try to elicit what is ''reported speech '',what a ''reporter'' does?(he/she works for s newspaper or TV company and interviews people and writes down what they say),reported speech is when we say or write what other people said. T will elicit differences between sentences written on the board. Then T will write another sentence-will you marry me? and elicit the sentence in reported speech,T will ask ss find differences .Ss will do grammar exercise .T will aks students to tell the story in pairs and elicit each sentence back from individual ss.

Vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • To introduce new vocabulary in the context of shopping.

before giving ss pictures and words to match ,T will ask student : what does the word ''butcher's'' means,also''stationer's'',''stationer's'',''newsagent's''. Ss will match words and pictures and ask questions each other about shopping: What kind of shops do you like most going to? What are your favourite shops for....a)clothes, b)shoes, c)books and music d) presents... What do you hate buying? Do you ever shop online? Do you prefer shopping by yourself or with somebody?

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