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Teaching Practice 5
Intermediate level


The main focus of this lesson is Grammar: modals of speculation (present time). In this lesson sts will


Abc 1 Conversation cut ups
Abc 2 modals gap fill

Main Aims

  • To introduce modals of speculation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in using the modal form in the present tense


Lead in (9-11 minutes) • To recap theme of magic as a context to teach grammar: modals of speculation

Remind sts of yesterday's lesson on magic tricks and illusions. ASk sts to name some well known magicians. Do sts know anything about David Copperfield? Introduce activity two people go to a magic show and can't decide if it him, or not. In pairs - Match parts of sentences from their conversation. 5 of the sentences have two possible endings. Sts decide which is the right one. Read the conversation in the pair to check it. Compare answers with another pair. Give answer key.

Introducing term modal verb (8-10 minutes) • To introduce new grammar form and term using marker sentence from activity

Eleicit other modal vocabulary form exercise may, could, then more sure - i am sure it is him / less sure - I am sure it is not him. Go over sentence structure Use a marker sentence from context to discover the the meaning of the target structure, 'I think it might be him.' Can we use any other words in place of might? subject + modal verb + infinitive (be/ have, etc). show table on WB degrees of certainty. Note sure - sure it is / sure it can't be.

Using modal verbs in gap fill (9-11 minutes) • To consolidate modal verb use

Controlled activity - fill gaps in sentences from choice of 3 possibilities. Work in different pairs (by birthdays Jan - June matched with July - Dec). Monitor to check understanding. Immediate error correction to pairs. When completed give answer key. Go any significant general difficulties.

(11-13 minutes)

Freer exercise to practise the application of modal verbs in context of writing and speaking about a magic tricks. Sts will look at a picture of the illusion of cutting a person in half and write sentences, aiming for 6 to 8 sentences, in the same pairs. When sentences have been written sts mingle, share sentences and explain why they chose these modal verbs. Bring class back together for delayed error correction, & sum up - elicit when we use modal verbs.

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