Murat Murat

Teaching Plan 7
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will enrich their knowledge on articles. The method will be TTT. In the beginning the sts will be asked to fill in the blanks of a short paragraph. The second step will be the teaching step, and on the next step the sts will be tested once more. In the end, there will be a production stage in which sts will be expected to write one or two paragraphs focusing on article usage.


Abc The first test
Abc The first test key
Abc The second test
Abc The second test key
Abc Articles sheet
Abc Hand-outs photocopied from Straight Forward
Abc Hand-outs photocopied from the grammar book

Main Aims

  • To enrich understanding on articles in the context of countries, their citizens, and their main characteristics

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice writing for accuracy in the related context


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To generate interest and give an idea on how articles change meaning

T will introduce the lesson with an example sts will ind interesting. T will elicit the different answers and ask sts what they think about the change in meaning. Whole class, 5 min, feedback peer checking, if noone seems to know then, T-S.

Test (5-7 minutes) • To test sts' knowledge on the subject, to get them ready for the teaching stage

T gives out the handouts and asks the sts to fill the blanks with the articles they think is necessary. Individual, 5 min, for feedback T gives the key, pairs check their answers together

Teach (12-14 minutes) • To enrich sts' understanding of articles by classifying different usage patterns

T writes examples on the board, elicits answers from sts. Each example shows different usages of articles and how they change the meaning. The goal is to give sts the most common article usage examples. T tries to answers from the sts and the sts who get the right answers explain their friends. WC, 12 min, feedback either sts check each other's answers or T-S is necessary.

Test (7-12 minutes) • To practice what the sts were just taught; sts are tested for accuracy

T gives out the second test sheets. Students are given 7 minutes to answer. T monitors when sts are answering and helping them. Since the second test is long, T will give the sts first half of the test. If there is time at the end of the lesson the second test will be given as a flexi stage. PW, 7 min, feedback type depends on timing at this stage. T will either give out the key or if there's enough time groups will go over the text and correct each other. At the end of this stage, T gives out the photocopied materials so that sts' can further study the subject.

Production stage (7-9 minutes) • To enable sts to produce the TL

Sts are asked to: 'Write a short paragraph about a time when you spent time with a person of a different nationality. What did you talk about? Did you learn anything that you thought was interesting? What did you do together?' Every st writes a paragraph individually, then partners check each other's paragraphs on article usage. T monitors and helps sts write and give feedback. If there is time sts read what they wrote to the class.

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