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Things you do in your free time,simple present
B1 level


In this lesson,ss learn about ;things you do in your free time using simple present.The lesson starts with looking at pictures about reading,going,listening to,playing the guitar.this is followed by a listening exercise about the HO.Then they have a "write the correct answer"exercise about the relevant activity verbs.This is followed by the second listening exercise,followed by a writing e.g to identify expressions such as:"I play music in a band".Then there is a match the words with the pictures vocab.exercise,followed by a listening exercise to check. Finally ss have a WC mingle activity asking each other about things they do in their free time.


Abc Projection of photo in HO;realia,HO,recordings

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice from a text that includes vocabulary such as;to speak,to watch,to go.,in the context of "how you spend your time".

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of vocabulary and practice in the form of activity verbs;to speak,to go,to read,to listen;to play,to watch.


About you (5-7 minutes) • Introduce verbs ;To speak,to watch,to go,to listen,to read,to play in the context of what you do

Warmer-To set lesson context and engage ss. I will tell them that today we will speak about things we do in our free time and give examples from my self and write them on the board. "I read books,I listen to music and I go to yoga class" I ask the ss "what do you do in your free time?" and tell them to discuss with their partner

(10 minutes)

Listening/Writing-(10 mins.)Play rec.1.60 to prepare ss for the text by listening and then,have them fill in the blanks about the new verbs;to speak,watch,read,go,play,listen to.

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