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Teaching Practice 8
B2 level


In this lesson, students will focus on speaking. At the beginning of the lesson, the students will be provided with two vocabulary tasks both of which including vocabulary related to crimes and trials. Then the students will be provided with a pre teaching of the particular vocabulary if they seem to face any problems regarding the task. Then students will be provided with the opportunity to practice their speaking skill through an adapted free practice activity. They will be divided into 2 groups; criminals and judges, criminals will be expected to prepare a defense to state why they should get parole and the judges will decide yes or no. Only one criminal gets parole. The students will switch groups in order for them to be engaged in different aspects of the lesson. The students will be expected to use the related vocabulary that is presented at the beginning of the lesson.


Abc Hand out
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Main Aims

  • To provide a free speaking practice activity to have students practice their receptive skills of both listening and speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide a pre teaching of related vocabulary for students in order for them to use the vocab in their speaking activity


Lead In (2-3 minutes) • to introduce the topic of the lesson

As the majority of the lesson time is meant to be spent on the speaking activity, lead in stage will not take as much time. The word "criminal" will be tried to elicit from the students using realia. Once it is achievied, the students will be told that they are going to play a game about crimes and criminals.

Stage 1 (5-6 minutes) • to provide the students with the relevant vocabulary needed for the speaking task

The students will be provided with the first hand out of the matching activities. They will be expected to match crimes with their definitions. When finished, they will check their answers in pairs and then they will be provided with an answer key. As the aim here is to pre teach any vocabulary that might be needed for the speaking task, the studends will not be expexted to have a full comprehension of the words including form and pronunciation. They will only be provided with the meaning. Also, the answer key will help them to go back and look at the correct use of the words they may need during the speaking activity. After providing the students with the answer key, I will also do WCFB if seems to be necessary Following the first hand out, the second matching activity will take place immediately. The students will be expected to match crime and court related words with their definitions. The same procedure will apply.

Stage 3 (28-30 minutes) • to provide a free speaking activity for students to practice their speaking and also partially listening skills

The students will be divided in 2 groups: criminals and judges.Only one of the criminals will get parole. Each of the criminals will be expected to prepare a defense on why they think they deserve to get parole. They will be given 3 minutes to prepare. The students will be provided with a set of crimes to choose one from as well as questions to think about while preparing their defense. The questions will include: how long have you been in prison? what exactly did you do? did you get any help or were you all alone? After they are done preparing, they will face the judges one by one. Each student will have 3 minutes to convince the judges. The judges will write down yes or no but won't say anything till the last defense. When finished, the judges will have one minute to decide who gets parole. When they announce their decision, they will be expected to state their justification. Just as the criminals, the judges will be provided with a hand out as well. They will provided with questions to asj the criminals. The questions will not be formed or staged. The students are expected to discuss about it in their group and form their own questions. They will be given 3 minutes as well. Before actually doing any of these, I will do a demo right after giving the insturctions to make the task a bit clearer for the students. I will be the criminal the student will be judges. They will be provided with the questions. They will have a discussion in groups and they will ask me about my crimes. I will state my defense and they will be expected to decide if I get parole or not. The students will switch groups to have the opportunity to equally participate in class.

Stage 3 (5-6 minutes) • to correct any errors that might occur during the speaking activity

While the students are engaged in the task, I will monitor and take notes of the erros that I observe. When the task is finished, I will do a delayed error correction on the board. I will have the errors on the board and before I correct them I will ask the students to find out what is wrong. I will elicit the correct use and I will clarify the meaning and the correct use by asking appropriate CCQ's

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