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Past simple
Elementary level


In this lesson students are going to learn about the past simple


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Main Aims

  • Grammar-Past simple

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity to the students to speak by using past simple


Lead in (7-12 minutes) • Set the context

- The teacher writes the following sentence starters on the board: * when I was 10 years old I was .................. (fat- thin- funny...etc) * I was very good at ..............(Math, English, Arabic .............etc) * At school I was............... (good, noisy, lazy..etc) * Last week we went to .............(my friend, the zoo, the park, the mall ...etc) * Two days ago, my brothers watched ............(a movie, football match.....etc) - The teacher asks the sts to complete the endings. - the teacher erases the endings, then asks the sts to remember the endings and say the whole sentence.

Fill- in the gaps (7-10 minutes) • Review the present simple by reading and listening to a text

-The teacher asks the sts to read and listen to Mattie Smith's life now unit 7, pg. 52,T 7.1 -The teacher asks the sts to complete text A with the verbs they hear. -The teacher asks the sts to work in pairs to check their answers. -The teacher gets the students feedback.(write the verbs on the board). -The teacher asks the sts to give the form of the tense mentioned in the text. -The teacher asks the sts "What tense is it?". -The teacher writes the tense on the board.

Read and listen (15-20 minutes) • Introduce the past simple

- ask the sts to read text B about Mattie's life long time ago, and write the verbs they hear in the gaps. -ask the sts check their answers in pairs. - get the sts feedback. -write the verbs on the board. - ask the students about the time of this story. Is it now or long time ago? - ask the sts are these sentences in the negative or affirmative form? - ask the sts to give the gerund form of each verb. Underline it. - ask the students how do we form the regular past form. -ask the students the following CCQs to make sure they understand the use of the past simple: * do we use the past tense of a verb to talk about things that happen everyday? No. * do we use it for what we will do tomorrow? No. * do we use it for are doing now? No. * do we use it for what is finished before? Yes. - use time line and ask the sts to locate the time of this tense. - ask the students to try to give the form of this tense. Help them elicit it. - write the form on the board. -give the sts HO1 for more practice to distinguish between the present simple and the past simple. -ask the sts to work in pairs. -get the sts feedback. -correct the sts mistakes, if there.

Question form (15-20 minutes) • Introduce question form

- write the following sentence on the board. Last week, I traveled to Jeddah. -write this question on the board and ask the students to work in pairs to fill the gaps to complete the question. When ...........you .....................to Jeddah? (did- travel) - get the sts feedback - if the sts can't fill the gaps correctly, help them elicit it. - ask the sts to answer the question. (Yesterday.) - give the sts the following sentence and ask them to fill the gaps. Last night, we cooked chicken and fish. What ....... we .................. last night? (did- cook) -get the students feedback. - ask the students to work in pairs to give the form of the question. - ask the students what they notice about the verbs in the question form. (all verbs take the gerund form when 'did' is used) -give the sts the questionnaire and ask them to interview each other. - ask the sts to give their feedback about each other. (do a model interview with one student). -ask the sts to do ex.5, pg.,53 (STUDENT BOOK). -ask the sts to work in pairs to check their answers. - get the sts feedback. -ask the sts to do ex 1, pg.,17 (ACTIVITY BOOK) -get the sts feedback. (BREAK TIME)

Present or past (A game) (10-15 minutes) • The sts distinguish between the present and past simple

Stage 1: Name: Verbs in columns - stick the different verbs on the board. You need two columns, one for present and the other for the past verbs. - ask the sts to put each verb in the right column. Stage 2: Name: The correct order - make two groups of students A& B - divide the board to two parts for each group. - put the sentences in lines and in wrong order. - ask the students put the sentences in the correct order - the group who finishes first is the winner. - give the other group extra time to finish their sentences -discuss with the students the structure of the sentences

Do the exercise on pg 18 (Activity Book) (10-15 minutes) • Practice the past simple rule

- ask the sts to do ex 2 (Yes, No questions & short answers) on the Activity Book, pg. 18. - monitor the sts and help them if they have any question. - ask the sts to work in pairs to check their answers. -get the sts feedback - correct any mistakes.

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