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GTKNY & life stories
Pre-Intermediate 1 level


First lesson. Including a writing and speaking assessment (diagnostic), followed by a lesson on common phrases, questions, and a review of verb forms.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson students will perform a speaking task, and a writing task.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be induced into the course.
  • To provide review of verb forms and questions in the context of celebrity profiles


Intro (20-30 minutes) • By the end of the stage students will be familiar with the course, H&S, and each other - including teacher.

Introduce teachers name (first slide). Class rules - Ss will be given a sheet of paper with T/F questions, which will be based around rules. GTKNY - Ss will stand up in a circle, T will pass a ball around. Ss will say their name and then one hobby. GTKNY - T will then give questions to Ss. In pairs, they will ask and answer each other.

Writing Assessment (25-35 minutes) • By the end of this part students will be able to write about their favourite person

T will write down 4 questions. Each question T will elicit characteristics of a good ss, bad ss, good teach etc. T will then post 4 sentences in each corner. Ss will then move around each corner brainstorming different ideas. T will then get ss to write out themselves.

Intro to the lesson (5-10 minutes) • By the end of this part ss will be aware of the next part of the lesson

T introduce celebrity pictures, elicit from ss about who they are and if they know anything about them.

Reading (15-20 minutes) • By the end of the lesson students will be able to read for specific information

T will show a picture of jamie oliver and elicit from ss if they know him, what he does etc T will ask ss to read the text for 30 seconds. T will then ask what they remembered from the text. Reading dictation - Post the article up, and get ss to answer the questions.

Help with grammar (15-20 minutes) • To review verb forms and question
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