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Using language related to giving and receiving gifts
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will focus on listening to an interview about giving and receiving gifts to foreigners. The sts will be using both receptive and productive skills. The lesson contains a pre-listening task, while-listening task, and post-listening task.


Abc Audio Sample
Abc "Put the Topics in Order" HO
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Abc "Choose The Best Word or Phrase" HO
Abc "Advice/Tips" HO
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Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening and specific information listening practice using audio clips in the context of giving and receiving presents abroad

Subsidiary Aims

  • Strengthen sts understanding of "should" and "shouldn't" through listening, speaking and writing practice


Introduction / Warm-up (Pre-listening) - 2 Parts (6-8 minutes) • Set the context of the lesson

PART 1: Begin the intro/warm-up by checking the sts understanding of "presents" and "gifts". Put image of present on WB. "What is this?" (Elicit answers) PRESENT = GIFT Ask the sts these 5 questions: 1)What was the last present you gave? 2) Who did you give it to? 3) Why did you give it to them? 4) What was the last present you received? 5) Who was it from? Have the sts talk about these Q's and A's in groups of 3. (Try to have a few sts read some answers aloud to the WC) PART 2: Pre-teach vocabulary (meaning, form and pronunciation/word stress): *Try to elict the meaning from sts* COAX THE VOCAB OUT OF STS.... - refuse / accept (demo with realia -have a student assist-gesture refuse and accept) TRY TO ELICIT THE WORDS! (re-re-refuse...acc-acc-accept etc) - death / funeral (when someone dies...there is death...what is the ceremony called, etc) - knives (draw on WB..1 knife, 2+ kniVES...1 wife, 2 wiVES...etc) briefly explain the plural form of words that end in "fe" - a set of glasses (differentiate a set of glasses= drinking vessels and a set of glasses=eyewear) - an odd number / an even number 1..2..3..4.. 2 and 4 are different than 1 and 2..why? - open / opening a present (demo) - immediately (right away) / opposite= later, not now

Pre-Listening Exercise (10-12 minutes) • Practice listening for general topics (Gist)

Explain the context (what will the sts be listening to?): "Today we will do some listening and speaking activities about presents." Give the "Gist Listening" HO. (allow the students a minute to read over the topics). "Put the TOPICS (main ideas) IN ORDER". (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Play audio sample (CD 2, TRACK 42) Have the sts check their answers IN PAIRS. T should go over the answers with the WC.

While-Listening Exercise (13-15 minutes) • Practice listening for specific information

Give the sts "Choose the Best Word or Phrase" HO. Allow them a few minutes to read over the sentences. Explain that the sts need to listen to the audio clip again, this time focusing on specific information. They can refer to the HO during the activity. They need to listen CAREFULLY (read #1 aloud to the sts, they are listening for "should" or "shouldn't"- circle the correct answer). Play Audio Sample - (Cd 2, TRACK 42) *The sts may need to hear it again, or in segments* Have the sts check their answers IN PAIRS. (peer checking) Go over the answers with the WC. *Ask sts which facts from the interview they found to be surprising or unusual* *Is the part about giving flowers in Turkey true or false?

Post-Listening Exercise (13-15 minutes) • Have the sts practice their speaking and writing skills in a freer language activity

Introduce this final activity by giving PIECES OF ADVICE (TIPS) for visiting the USA: ex: You shouldn't kiss people you don't know very well. You shoudn't point at people, or point at things with your middle finger. You shouldn't ask people about their salaries. You shouldn't talk to people about politics or religion. Break the sts into groups of 3-4 (depending on class size). Have the sts brainstorm what tourists should or shouldn't do when visiting Turkey. Give the sts "Advice/Tips" HO. This HO should contains some ideas to get the sts started, but encourage them to think of more. Have the sts read some of their peices of advice/tips to the WC. Does anyone disagree? Why?

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