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Beginner level


In this lesson students are introduced to TL of places in a town, Prepositions of Places such as ' near, on the right of,..' . By the end of the lesson they should be able to ask and answer where they are in a city.


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Main Aims

  • Language focus: Vocabulary of Places in a town in the context of 'map of a city'

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking as the production


Vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • Test/teach/test for vocabulary by matching activity

The Ss are given a HO with pictures and vocabulary related to places in a town. They will match them. T will then get a quick oral WC feeback. The meaning is clear for most of the words Except for the word 'Square'. She will use 'Taksim' as an example for 'Square'. The spelling can be problematic because of the 'Q' /k/. For some other words, there should be a proper Pronunciation drilling specially in terms of stress pattern for Compound Nouns, such as, a bus stop, a post office, a car park, a supermarket. Also different Pronunciations of 'Cafe' in English and Turkish might need a little drilling. T will leave the words on the board for the next stage.

practice on the vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • more practice on the vocabulary

Now, to understand if Ss have understood the Vocab so far, a big map of a city is put up on the board and also it is given as a HO to Ss. T will ask the Ss to label the places in a WC activity.

Presenting the Prepositions of Places (3-5 minutes) • Presenting the Prepositions of Places

Teacher will write the Prepositions on the board. She will demonstrate with a box and a coin as Realia. She will demonstrate and elicit the prepositions from the Ss. Then she will move to the board and try to elicit the position of places on the map.

Controlled Practice on prepositions (3-5 minutes) • To let the Ss do some controlled practice on the TL independently

A HO is given to the Ss. the First example is done by the T on the board by elicitation.They will take their time in pairs to actually see the TL for the first time and decide which word is correct. T will check the answers in WC and leave two of the sentences on the board for the next activity which is Presentation of The TL. : The bus stop's near the bank. The car park's in Station Road.

Presentation of the TL (2-4 minutes) • to go over the Form briefly

T will underline the -'s and elicit the part of speech. And 'the' article before the places.

More Practice (3-5 minutes) • to give Ss another chance to practice the TL

Ss are given another HO. The HO starts with a few Controlled Practice activities. It continues with freer activities and will end with a few free practice. T will Demonstrate one example and Ss will do the rest in pairs. for the FB an answer key is given.

Production (10-15 minutes) • The aim here is to have Ss put the TL in practice in a Role Play asking /answering about places in a city

T will Demonstrate the Role Play on the Board. she will ask the question from some good Ss and to elicit the answers. For giving Ss more support at this stage she will point to the Map and TL phrases on the WB. Then she will hand out a HO with 'Places' on them and ask Ss to do the Role play. One Ss asks where the place is and the other one looks at the map and answers using the TL. A: 'where's the bank?' B: ' The bank's near the park.' Ss are instructed to talk to 4 people in the class.

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