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Teaching Plan 2
elementary level


In this lesson, sts will revise and practice present simple questions in the context. The lesson starts testing st to see if they can form questions.Then I will HO jumbled questions after the completing task the answer key will be given to st. after that, drilling on the board. then st will practice to make questions in groups. finally, st will be doing speaking activity.


Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • To review and practice present simple questions in the context

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give sts speaking practice


lead in (2-3 minutes) • To start, will ask sts a few questions about birthdays to warm sts up to the context.

I will ask sts when is your birthday? what do you usually do?

WB (18-20 minutes) • to test sts in order to see if they can form questions.

I will write jumbled question on the board and will ask sts to unjumbled. Then I will give sts HO to unjumble questions in pairs. for the FB i will hand sts the answer key to check if they do correctly.

focusing on questions on WB (5 minutes) • asking questions to sts and then elicit short answers from them to see if they undertand the form well

i will write a couple of questions on the board. such as, do you usually see your friend? does he like birthdays? what do you usually do on your birthday?

group activity (18-20 minutes) • asking sts questions to elicit correct question form to the related category.

I will write 3 different topics which are weekend, kurban bayram and summer holiday, on the WB and then will elicit questions from sts related to the topic. Then, i will ask sts to write 5 more questions in pairs in 3 different category and then will give answer key to check their answers. After that, sts will stand up and go around to ask questions to each other.

extra speaking activity (2-3 minutes) • to keep them to practice speaking to ask when is their birthday and what do they do?

if i still have little time, i am going to keep them practice more. they will ask when is thier birthday to each other and they will stand up in a line according to their month. after that i will finish the lesson.

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