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B2 level


In this lesson, ss practice grammar (modal & phrases to express permission, obligation and prohibition). The lesson starts with a written simple past sentence that include modal verb (had to). The ss will have to choose an alternative to (had to). In the first ex ss will work in pairs to rewrite the sentences using phrases given in a box, then they can look at the reading text to find their answers. W/c FB will be taking to see if s has an alternative ans. The second ex will be a chart with the heading (permission, obligation, prohibition and lack of prohibition) and ss have to put the phrases in the correct columns. The third activity is a grammar ex, the ss will fill in the gaps. The fourth ex the ss will be working in pairs to choose the best form to complete the text. The ans key will be all on the walls so the early finishers will have to move around to check their ans. The last ex is a listening ex, ss will be listening to a story and taking notes, after the listening they will be asked to work in small groups to rewrite the story using their own notes. After finishing writing the story they will be given the original version to check and see if their story are same. If time allows T-S w/c discuss if they have same meaning as the original.


Abc Straightforward Ex 1, 2, 3,5 P 81
Abc Straightforward Upper Intermediate workbook ex 1 P 48

Main Aims

  • Language Focus -modals & phrases to express permission,obligation& prohibition.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening , speaking


Warmer (4-6 minutes) • To introduce the topic

Writing a past tens sentence that include modal verb(had to) on w/b and ask the students to think of an alternative to the modal verb (had to)

Ex 1 and scan reading (8-12 minutes) • To show the ss how to use the modal & phrases epression in TL.

The ss have to rewrite the sentences using the phrases given. ss will work in pairs then they can look at the text to check their answers. ss may have alternative answers that might be also possible, so there will be w/c FB.

HO Grammar (5-7 minutes) • To focus on the grammar rule

In this ex ss will work in pairs to complete the gaps. FB will be taking to find out if any of the ss has any problems with the grammar rule. I'll explain to ss about the use of (to) and choose some phrases to drill.

Choosing the best verb form to complete the text (7-10 minutes) • To make the ss more aware of the grammar and meaning use .

SS will be working in pairs and the answers will be on the walls so the early finishers can go around to check their answers.

Listening for specific information (7-10 minutes) • TL

listen to a story about alternative therapists and have the ss take notes about the main evevnts, after listening they have to rewrite the story with their own notes.When they finish ss get in group to check if they got the same story.

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