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TP5 - It gets me mad!
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will learn the ' wish + past simple / past perfect ' structure through a reading text made up of comments of four different people about regrets. The reading text will then be followed by a guided discovery task, a controlled practice of the structure, and a speaking activity.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of 'wish + past simple/past perfect' in the context of regrets

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice the 'wish + past simple/past perfect' structure through a speaking activity


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To make a smooth transition into the lesson

T presents a picture and asks for the idiom that best describes the picture "Can you remember an idiom from Idıl's class about the picture?" (It's no use crying over a spilt milk) - "Can somebody tell me what it means?" "So today's topic is about REGRETS!"

Set context (3-5 minutes) • to introduce the structure "wish + past simple /simple past"

"Now we're going to read four comments from four different people about regrets. I want you to underline the sentences in the comments with the word 'wish'. You have 2 minutes. Work alone." ICQ's: What do we underline?, Do you work alone or in pairs? T hands out the comments Ss check the sentences with their groups. "How many sentences did you find?" T asks each group to read out 2 sentences with 'wish'. Each group will state why or why not they agree with the sentences.

Clarification (10-15 minutes) • to clarify grammar points

T will ask Ss how many different forms do they recognize in the sentences and asks them what they are T writes an example for each form (marker sentence) and underlines the different forms T asks Ss if there's any difference in meaning "You will now receive a sheet with 2 tables. Don't open the second part of the sheet. Complete the first part. You have 3-4 minutes to work alone." "Check you answers with your partner." WCF and drilling "Now open the second part and fill in the table. You have 2 minutes. Work alone." Pair check followed by WCF and drilling "Turn the page over. Fill in the form. You can work in pairs." T does 1 as an example WCF

Controlled Practice (10-12 minutes) • to practice the new structure 'wish + simple past/past perfect'

" You will now get another HO. There are 12 sentences. The verbs are given on the side and you will use the correct form to complete the sentences. You will work alone. You have 5-6 minutes" T gives the HO and explains the first example Ss pair check followed by WCF

Freer Practice (7-8 minutes) • to practice the form through a speaking activity

Ss form 4 groups Each group receives a topic on which they will have to form 4 sentences. Ss have 4-5 minutes to work in their groups. Group members then move around to the other 3 table until each new group formed has 4 group members that came from another group. Ss discuss their sentences WCF

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