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Reading for a trip to Thailand
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will mainly practice reading which is a receptive skill. The students will read about places in Thailand to get information for holiday. Before reading students will have a short conversation of a holiday then they will practice some adjectives to describe places so that it will be easy to understand the text.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim of this lesson is reading which is reading which is going to be a good preparation for the next lesson. The students will read about places in Thailand.

Subsidiary Aims

  • There are two sub aims which are vocabulary and speaking. At the beginning of the lesson, they'll discuss so that they'll get into the context easily. Also before going through the reading texts, they need to be familiar with some adjectives to describe places so that they'll have a vocabulary revision.


Lead In (4-6 minutes) • To set the lesson context,engage students and make them interested in

I will set the lesson with a picture of a Thailander, I will tell the students that she is our quest from Thailand and her name is "Luksika" I will tell and ask them that she is on holiday in ─░stanbul and where can she visit. The students will have a brainstorm in groups. Then I will ask for their ideas and write on the board.

Get ready for Vocabulary (2-4 minutes) • To indicate that they can use some adjectives to describe places

The students need some help to remember some adjectives to describe places in town. So that I'll point out the places and indicate that they can use adjectives to describe the places.

Vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • To enable students use adjectives to describe places

I'll put the adjectives on the board and ask the students to match with their opposites so that they'll remember the adjectives. I will ask some CCQs if needed.

Further vocabulary activity (4-6 minutes) • To practice the adjectives

As the students need some practice they'll play a game fro prediction. I'll ask them to write a name of a place in a piece of paper then they'll start their conversation with " it is a......." They'll work in pairs and take turns to tell their partner about places by using adjectives.

Pre- Reading (5-6 minutes) • To make the students familiar with the idea of the text

The students will work in groups there will be two groups. I will give them a handout with texts A and B. The groups will have different texts about places in Thailand.They will read individually and discuss in groups. I will ask them to find "three things to do in these places" They'll do the reading for gist. Then I'll ask each group for answers.

While Reading (8-10 minutes) • To enable students read for understanding the whole text

The students will read the texts again then I will set the pairs from one group to another, the pairs will tell about the places they read. Then the students will continue for the next activity. They will decide for the false sentence comparing Phuket and Bangkok.

Post- Reading / Freer acttivity (4-5 minutes) • To make students do further practice for the task, speaking for fluency

I'll ask them to talk in pairs and tell which of these places would they like to go for holiday and why?

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