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Teaching Practice 6
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will practice their speaking skills by the language they have learned and they will focus on pronunciation.


Abc Pictures on school subjects
Abc A questionnaire - Find someone who...?
Abc Vocabulary (Matching) Worksheet
Abc Discussion Worksheet
Abc Vocabulary Revision Worksheet

Main Aims

  • To introduce the new vocabulary in the context of 'School Subjects.'

Subsidiary Aims

  • To talk about the school subjects by using the new vocabulary.
  • To work and find out words with two syllables.


Warm-Up (5-7 minutes) • In this stage teacher elicits the vocabulary.

T shows some pictures to the class. (Maths, biology, chemistry, history, PE (physical education), ICT (information and communication technology), geography, physics, languages. T tries to elicit the words by showing pictures. After drilling them T writes them on the WB

Vocabulary Activity (3-4 minutes) • In this stage Sts will work on the words they have learned.

T gives a WS on the vocabulary. T: 'Now I want you to look at the numbers 1-2-3 and match them with the letters a-b-c and match them'' When they finish doing the activity they do peer check.

Questionnaire 'Find someone who...' (7-8 minutes) • In this stage the students will make a questionnaire about the school subjects.

T asks some of the SS questions: Were you good at Maths? Were you good at Geography? Yes, I was. No I was not. and writes them on the board. T shows the SS the questionnaire she is going to give: T: 'Now I want you to do the same thing? You'll try to write a name for each part by asking the questions on the WB.' ICQ: Are you going to ask your partners ? Are you going to write one name for each part? After giving the WS T asks Sts to stand up. When the activity is finished they go over them quickly.

Game on grammar (7-8 minutes) • In this part Sts will make sentences using 'I am...' I was..'

T by asking finds out who are still students. T asks one of the Sts 'Are you good at History? T asks the ones who aren't Sts 'Were you good at History? T writes them on the board and asks Sts 'What's the difference between the sentences.' After getting past and present answer, T draws a time line on the board and puts 'I am good at...' and 'I was good at...' After this activity they all stand up and ask each other questions by throwing a ball. T:' Now I want you to stand up and make a circle. I'll throw the ball and ask you a question with 'Are you good at...' or Were you good at...' and we'll continue' T first demonstrates.

Discussion Activity (4-5 minutes) • In this part they are going to discuss some questions.

T gives a WS with four discussion questions on them. T: 'I want you to look at this WS there are four questions on them, I want you to work with your partner and answer the questions about the school subjects here in Turkey.'

Pronunciation Activity (4-5 minutes) • In this stage I'll focus on the words with two syllables

T writes physich English and language on the board and says them and asks how many syllables do they have. So the Word syllable can be something new for them I'll demonstrate the words by saying. And than I'll ask them in a minute time to find as many words as with two syllables. T: 'Now I want you to divide you in to groups (group numbers can change according to the numbers of the students) and find as many words as you can with two syllables. Let's see which group will have more.' T gives each group a name and one minute to discuss and ask them to say and they count together and find out which group has more words.

Revision of the target language with two activities. (5-6 minutes) • In this stage SS will revise the things they have learned in the lesson.

T shows the SS a worksheet. T: ' I'll give you these WS with your partner write the school subjects under the box.' They do peer check when they are done. T shows SS a WS. T: 'I want you to look at this WS, there are questions, you'll try to find the correct school subject.' T can demonstrate the first one: T:'How many legs do spiders have? which school subject is this? ' Biology Now with your partner I want you to find out the others.

Extra Activity - Board Rush (4-5 minutes) • In this part they will do a quick revision.

In this stage t sticks all the school subjects that have been covered and divides the class in to two groups, they stand in a line and when the T reads a sentence one standing close to the board will try to get the Paper. T: ' Now I'll read a sentence and you'll try to find which school subject I'm talking about and take it from the board. Stand up please and line up.' T demonstrates first one 'In this lesson we are speaking English' - Language

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