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TP7 LP * Writing * Rosario Enríquez
Pre-intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and provide practice of writing emails of invitation and replies in the context of a surprise party

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of skimming and reading for detail through emails of invitations and replies


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To introduce and generate interest in topic

T will show Ss two logos -email and Whatsapp- and she will ask them: If you had to communicate with ONLY ONE of these two tools, which would you choose? (You can't say "Both are useful"). Why? T will then show them 4 pictures. A dialogue on Whatsapp, a card, two people on the phone and an email. What do these pictures have in common? (They are all invitations). Are you likely to be invited to a reception at an embassy like in number 4? (No) Now who do you think would prefer 1, 2 and 3 to invite someone?

Gist Task / Model (2-3 minutes) • To lead Ss into the general theme of the text; to provide a model of the text type

T will tell Ss to read the email in picture number 2. The gist question will be: Why did Rosario choose to write an email to Roberto instead of texting him on Whatsapp? (Because they are not friends / Because Roberto is Beto's ex boss / Because Roberto is much older than Rosario / Because it's a surprise party and email is more discreet / etc.). The question will introduce the text and at the same time make the communicative situation more natural. Do you need help with any words?

Language Focus (6-8 minutes) • To focus on the text structure; to highlight useful language for the task

T will focus on the text structure and the language the Ss are expected to use through a presentation. See CCQs below.

Preparation / Planning (2-3 minutes) • To give Ss thinking and note-taking time to organize ideas for the subsequent task

T will divide Ss in pairs. She will tell them that they will write individually but first they need to plan together. What they will have to agree on is who is inviting whom and what the invitation is about in 3 minutes. Ss will text each other in chat. Model: A and B are two colleagues who do not have each other on Whatsapp. A will invite B to their birthday party, a pool party. B says he/she is coming and asks if he/she has to bring anything. Or B says that he/she can't make it. T will tell them not to take a role now. ICQs: Do you have to write or imagine a situation together? (Imagine) How long do you have? (3 minutes) Do you need to agree about details? (If we have time, yes).

Writing Task (10-11 minutes) • To provide authentic written practice using correct text type structure and target language presented

T will explain how to do the task. She will share a Word document and each S will find their name on certain page. Also, the role they will take in the situation they planned with a partner. T will share her screen to show them how to write and where they can look at the useful language for help. ICQs: Will one in the pair write an email of invitation and the other, the reply? (Yes) Will you write together? (No). How long do we have? (10 minutes) Is it wrong if I include a detail that is different from my partner's? (No. Because we'll have time to adjust details). Do we have to include all the useful language? (No).

Publishing (9-10 minutes) • To provide practice in skimming & reading for details; to promote interest in what other Ss have written

Ss will be put in BOR again. T will provide them with a check list so they can analyse both emails together and see if the structure is fine, if the language needs improving, and if there are any differences. (10 minutes). ICQs Do you need to check structure, language and coherence? (Yes). Can we make changes? For example, A says the party is on Friday and B talks about Saturday? (Yes). Do we have to share our sceeen? (Yes. And if that's impossible we can read our emails out).

Feedback on Content & Language (6-7 minutes) • To share Ss' work with the whole class; to highlight errors and any good language that Ss have used and promote peer correction

T will encourage Ss to share their production for content feedback. Each couple will be asked to describe the communicative situation first and then to show their emails. T will focus on good language and language that needs to be reformulated.

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