Describing places, wh-questions
Elementary level


In this lesson, students are going to do some reading for gist and detail in the cotext of capotal cities; specifically talking about the created capital of Kazakhstan. Students will be prompted to learn and use "Wh questions". Furthermore, Students will be involved into practicing some Wh question words activities, for the purpose of extending their grammatical awareness. In addition to this, Students will have semi-controlled speaking activities, interms of practicing and confirming the learned structures.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Capital cities in the context of The created capital city.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of Wh question words in the context of capital cities


Stage One: Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To introduce the topic of capital cities.

- Have the OH projector ready for the Lesson. - Refresh SS memory about the traveling lesson to smoothly introduce the targeted topic, T asking them the following: * If you are offred a free plane ticket, and had an option to choose any place to fly to. where would you go? answers: France, USA, Italy,...ect * Can you tell me what's the capital city if France, USA,...ect? - Pass out HO's And ask SS to keep them face down till the video starts. - ICQ's to check SS understanding. - T displays a video about capital cities, and invite SS to watch it all together, and answer the quiz. - Ask SS to compare their answers with the person sitting next to them.

Stage Two: Skim reading • To introduce some of the pre-teach vocabulary, and let them construct an overall idea of the text.

- T stands in the power position, take sheet of paper and starts making a paper airplane. then asks SS "What am I doing? making a paper airplane". T explains that making and creating have the same meaning. - T displays a picture of a map, then CCQ's "- what is this? - What do maps refer to, considering school subjects?. - T displays another picture of a parliament, then CCQ's " What's this? what comes first to your mind once you see a parliament? - Pass out HO's to SS and ask them to keep them face down. Display a PP presentation that contains some questions about the text, then give the start signal. - Have SS check in pairs before doing a WC FB.

Stage Three: reading for detail. (8-10 minutes) • Providing SS with practice of reading for detail, and check their understanding of the text.

- Give SS 5 minutes to read the text again, then answer the questions. - Have SS checking their answers in pairs. - Have a WC FB, and Select some SS to write the answers on board.

Stage four: Grammar (10-13 minutes) • Intorducing the grammar TL using the GD approach.

- T writes some wh questions on board, make SS answer them quickly and get them elicit the rules them selves. * Where is Astana? * What is the population? * When do you come to ITI? * Why do you want to learn English? * How old are you? - T explains the previously mentioned wh question words, and clarify their use and pronunctiation by drilling. - Pass out HO's and ask student to fold their HO's on Activity one. - SS Do the activity, then Check in pairs before doing a WC FB. - Ask SS to unfold the HO work on the second activity in groups. - WC FB, and encourage SS to write the correct answers on board.

Stage five: Semi- Controlled Speaking (12-15 minutes) • Prompting SS tp practice the new learned functions, using a semi- controlled speaking practice.

- Explain that Astana and Washington aren't the only one created capitals, and that are many others. - Ask SS to work in pairs. - Pass out HO's, give them time to read, and then tell them to ask their partner the questions from activity one about the new city. - Ask SS which of the mentioned created capitals they would most like to visit.

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