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Copy of Listening lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice listening for gist, details and specific information in the context of education .T will lead in with a discussion to generate interest in the topic. then T will pre-teach the blockers before the listening. At the end of the lesson, Ss will do a kind of a debate around the educational system in Turkey .


Abc Audio Recording ,Track 4-8,4-9 and 4-10
Abc Audio Recording ,Track 4-8,4-9 and 4-10

Main Aims

  • To practice listening for gist,details and specific information in the context of education .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking and giving opinion about the educational system in Turkey .


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To generate Ss's interest in the topic of education .

-T will show a question and a statement on the board. (Have you ever thought that girls are better than boys in reading and writing?) (Girls and boys learn better in a single-sex school.) -Ss will answer and comment in pairs. -WCF

Prediction task (3-4 minutes) • To encourage Ss to think about the content of the listening .

-T will show two pictures of a man with a group of students(boys) singing. -Ss will describe the pictures in pairs. -T will get some ideas from students as WCF and tell them the name of the guy preparing them to watch the video.

Listening for gist (3-4 minutes) • To encourage Ss to read for gist to have a general understanding of the listening .

Note: the video will be the lead-in to the listening. -T will ask gist question before showing the video to get an overview of the listening text: (What is Gareth Malone's extraordinary school?) -Ss will watch a 1 min video about the extraordinary school of Gareth Malone. -WCF

Pre-teach vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • To pre-teach blockers to help students understand the text and complete the task .

T will test the students' knowledge to see if they know the vocabulary or not through a matching activity. -Ss will do the matching activity in pairs. -WCF -T will focus on MFP of the new words.

Scanning (4-5 minutes) • Listening for specific information to familiarise the learners with the text .

-Ss will listen to specific information to answer 3 comprehension question. Exercise 3a-p65 -T will go through the questions with the students before the listening. -Peer check -Ss will be given the answer key.

Listening for details (4-5 minutes) • To practice listening for details and to understand the text in depth .

-Ss will be given a chart to complete while listening to the record. Exercise 3-b,p65 -T will go through the activity with the whole class before the listening. -T will divide the class so Ss work with other partners. -Peer check -Ss will be given answer key.

Listening for inference (3-5 minutes) • To practice listening for details to understand the text in more depth .

-SS will listen to part 3 of the text and will answer the question in activity 3-d,p65. -T will show the question on the board and read it before the listening. -WCF

Speaking task (7-12 minutes) • To develop oral fluency on the topic and to personalise it .

-T will divide the class into two groups. -Each group will create an extraordinary school and will include 3 unique and new activities. -The two groups will compete to come up with the most creative concept with unique activities that'll be included in the school and they will be given 7 minutes to do so . ICQs: will you create a boring concept for boring school ?(no) How many new activities will you include?(3 activities) How much time do you have? (7) -T will monitor and take notes of any errors. -WCF; each team will present their concept and activities.(4 minutes) -DEC (1min)

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