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Test 20 min Drogoman
Upper Intermediate level


Cansu is an upper-intermediate student. Cansu’s job deals with client relations at Dragoman Language Institute and also schedule lessons between teachers and clients.


Abc Teacher made

Main Aims

  • To provide practice with causatives

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy


Warm Up/Lead In (2-4 minutes) • To introduce myself / icebreaker

I will introduce myself with the dates method- four dates that are important to me.

Test 1 (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic and to get Ss engaged in the text

T introduces causatives, they are used when we ask/pay/arrange for someone to do something for us. We use verbs have/get T shows picture of Sophie's house before and after repairs. 'Sophie is a busy woman and works in the city, she doesn't have time to fix up the house herself.' T asks St to say what Sophie had done to the house. She had the new glass put in etc Meanings: She paid/arranged someone to do the repairs. She didn't do it herself. Compare 'she put the glass in.' T writes down Subject + get/have + object + past participle T then gives the st HO on word order. St has a few minutes then T can help.

Teach 1 (5-7 minutes) • to practice TL with controlled text

T goes through basic form patterns. most common word order: Someone + Get/Have + Something + Done + (by someone) Less common- if surprising/unknown subject: note base form/infinitive switch. Someone + Had + Someone + Do + Something Someone + Get + Someone + to Do + Something Sophie + had + the lawn + cut Sophie + is having + the lawn + cut Sophie + is going to have + the lawn + cut T mentions Have is formal/ Get is Informal or spoken

test 2 (5-10 minutes) • To practice TL with controlled text

Set the scene: Cancu is a very important business woman and has an important meeting. Do HO:1 with Cancu watch out for 2nd meaning. 'Someone broke into our office last night and we had our documents stolen'. We didn't arrange this. mention Let and make Then HO:04 with Cancu - this is intended to show the St the tense changes with get/have/let/make. N/B_Worth mentioning that She had cannot be contracted in this instant. For example. She'd her television repaired is She had her television repaired

Follow up (10-15 minutes)

T hands the S HO 2 This can be done for the next class. In addition the St is asks to write an email to her business partner explaining how she has prepared for the client facing meeting next week. The St has to have 5 instances of causative in the email.

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