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B1 level


In this lesson, SS will learn the functional language needed for getting around a city, including some verb collocations. SS will have the opportunity to practise their speaking, listening and reading skills.


Abc R. 1.11-1.13
Abc HO Discussion Questions
Abc HO p.22, Listening - True or False
Abc HO p.22, Listening 1, 2 Pictures
Abc HO p.22, ex.2

Main Aims

  • Speaking - By the end of the lesson SS will be able to speak about transport and getting around the city. SS will also be able to recognise verb collocations related to the topic.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading - Sub-skill reading for specific detail
  • Listening - sub-skills listening for gist and listening for detail


1. Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set a context and create interest

-Elicit the word 'transport': If I want to go to Taksim, how do I go? (by bus, taxi) And if I want to go to Kadikoy? (by ferry) What is the general word for bus or ferry? (transport) -Group the class in 2 or 3 groups Write all types of transport that you know. The group with the most words wins. -FB

2. Engaging discussion (5-7 minutes) • To get SS to think and speak about the topic

-Provide discussion questions (p.22, ex.1) through a running dictation. -Group SS into pairs and nominate a runner. Give instructions. ----- Now discuss these questions with your partner. -Monitor -Error correction

3. Reading (4-5 minutes) • To practise verb collocations within context

Read the text and choose the correct verb. -Peer check -FB - Check understanding

4. Post-reading - CP (7-9 minutes) • To practise the functional language and phrasal verbs from the previous stage

Choose a city and tell your partner how you get there and how you get around. You can use the sentences and verbs from the text. -Monitor

5. Pre-listening (4-5 minutes) • To engage SS in the listening topic and provide speaking practice

Look at the photos and discuss the questions.

6. Listening for gist (2-3 minutes) • To practise the receptive skill listening, sub-skill listening for gist

Listen to the recording. There are three dialogues. Match the photos to the dialogues. -Peer check

7. Listening for detail (3-4 minutes) • To practise the receptive skill listening, sub-skill listening for detail

Listen again and see if these sentences are true or false. -HO sentences -Monitor -Peer check -FB

8. Freer speaking practice (7-10 minutes) • To practise transport functional language

Interview your friends. Ask them which kind of transport they like and hate the most and why. -FB on WB - Most liked and most hated transport!

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