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Sevgi Üstün. 1st of July. Teaching Practice. The use of "ever" in Present Perfect
Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will learn about the use of "ever" in Present Perfect and other time expressions used in Present Perfect and Past Simple following a course book. First, they will match questions and ask them. They will find the appropriate answers for those questions and practice with their partners. Then they will fill the blanks about other time expressions as well. Finally, they will do a pair work .


Abc Course book, handouts.

Main Aims

  • The aim of this lesson is to make the students acquire the use of "ever" with Present Perfect and contrast it with Past Simple and different time expressions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The students will also be able to extract information from a short text.


Matching exercise (0-7 minutes) • They are expected to make meaningful questions by matching the sentences.

T will give cuecards which are divided into two pieces to each Ss.There are questions on the cardsand the one questions will be divided. The cuecards will be mixed. The Ss will try to to match them making a meaningful question.They will try to find the other half of the cuecard. I will discreetly monitor. We will check the answers together.

Underlining the responses (0-5 minutes) • To give possible answers in Present Perfect.

I will give the handouts from the course book. They will do the 2nd activity on the paper. There answers on the sheet in Past Simple and Present Perfect. They will underline the possible answers for Present Perfect.

Peer working and asking questions to each other (0-8 minutes) • To make the students fully comprehend the use of "ever" in Present Perfect and give the answers.

Sswill already have the cuecards united. So they will ask the questions on them to each other and answer in possible ways they learned from the previous activity.

Eliciting (0-8 minutes) • To make the students ready for the next exercise.

Next exercise is about the time expressions used for Past Simple and Present Perfect. Before I gave it to them I will elicit which expression is used for which tense. I will also show the difference between the P. Simple and P.Perfect.

Fill in the blanks on the board (0-7 minutes) • The learners will be able to diffentiate the time expressions according to tenses.

I will write the sentences from the 3rd activity in the course book pg. 14. on the board but leave gaps for the time expressions. I will stick the cards on which I've already written the time expressions. I will divide the the class into 2 groups. One person from each group will cometo board, take the right expression and stick to the gaps.

Pair work (0-10 minutes) • The learners will be able to ask questions in P.Perfect and use the target language unconsiously.

I will divide them into pairs and deliver their papers taken from the course book. There will be student A and student B. There is the same text about Shakira on the papers but there will be missing information on text. Students will ask questions to each other and try to fill the blanks. I will monitor them discreetly and maybe I can go near them and guide them during the activity. They will check the answers together.

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