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upper intermidiate level


In this lesson , students will go thorough a listening activity which is about coffee fortunetelling. The context will be practiced via using some pictures and will include the difficult words and CCQ . they will be given a handout including fill in the gap activity using the audio tape and finally will be dealing with the questions in the book.


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Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with practice in listening for gist , detail and specific information through a text about a paranormal happening.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give Ss practice in speaking for fluency


Lead in activity (3-5 minutes) • To let the students know what is the whole listening about before hand

I would bring an actual cup of Turkish coffee with me and as my students are Turkish , i assume they will have some background information about coffee fortunetelling , i could use this to help them realize what are they going through as well as giving them some hints to start the activity.

Listening #1 (10-12 minutes) • To make sure that Ss know what they are listening to and make some certain points clear.

in this stage , Ss will listen to the whole conversation to get a gist of what it is all about, they will be asked to answer some questions like how many people are there in the conversation , their names and...

Listening #2 (10-12 minutes) • Ss will listen more carefully this time to be able to answer the questions

We have 9 questions about the listening in this part which will be assigned to particular students or groups to each answer their own question at the end of the audio file. Then they will have time to check their answers in their groups and finally share them with the whole class.

Listening #3 (14-16 minutes) • Ss will listen to the audio file once more to find out some specific missing words.

A handout containing the script of the audio file is given to the students with some missing words. Ss will listen to the file for the last time , find out the missing words , write them down , check their answers with the partners and finally with the answer key.

Speaking (8-15 minutes) • Ss will practice the new context and vocabularies they have just been introduced to in a more productive way.

Ss will be asked to discuss in groups about the same abnormal happenings in their own lives , a handout with questions is designed for them to to provide some ideas. then , they will be asked to share any interesting story with the whole class

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