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Reading ' Identity Theft'
Upper-Inter level


In this lesson, students will learn how to protect themselves from identity theft through detailed reading practice. First of all, I set up a context for the students asking them about their own personal ID belongings by eliciting the answers using realia(credit card/passport/ID card) . I will ask the students to discuss in pairs some questions about things related to their personal data that they always carry .And why / when do they use them? And whether they use credit card to pay online or not. If yes for what? Also if they know somebody whose credit card has been stolen and what happened then. After that, I will get the feedback and lead the discussion to Identity theft and write the title of it on the board . In a group, I get sts to discuss what they know about identity theft and how it happens. What would they do if they fall a victim of fraud ? What can they do to protect themselves? . When they finish the discussion I will take the feedback and write down shortly the main points on the board. Later on, I will give them some copies of the text ' IDENTITY THEFT' . I ask them to read individually and check if they find in the text the same information they have already talked about and discuss them in pairs .Then, I get the feedback from them. Sts will read individually again to find out the answers of the questions in (ex 2c) and discuss them in pairs . The feedback will be taken and sts will reflect on the article and express any ideas they are worried about.


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Main Aims

  • To give sts practice in reading for detail in the context of protecting your identity

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in speaking for fluency


Pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • To ─▒ntreduce the sts to the topic and get their interest

Asking some questions about personal ID cards. Eliciting from realia.

While-reading (30-35 minutes) • To give sts practice in reading for specefic information

*Linking the meaning of the text. *Individual reading. *Cheching in pairs. *Second reading. *getting WCFB.

post-reading (5-10 minutes) • To get sts reflect on the article .

*Summarize the main idea of ID theft. *List some worries about the topic. *Suggest breifly the solution of ID theft

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