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Gossip and news. Present Perfect with just, yet and already.
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn more about Present Perfect. This time they will become familiar with its usage with "just","yet"and "already",for giving news about things that happened in the past, but are connected to now. Some verb-noun collocations and a reading for specific information will serve as a context to introduce the grammar. Controlled and semi-controlled activities will help students to master the structure.


Abc Handouts for vocabulary
Abc White board
Abc Markers
Abc Reading handouts
Abc Answer Keys for questions
Abc Puzzle strips
Abc Right word at the right place handouts
Abc CD
Abc CD player
Abc Answer Keys for the places of time words
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Main Aims

  • Grammar: Present Perfect for giving news about things that happened in the past , but are connected to now by using "just","yet" and "already".

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary: Verb-noun collocations used for gossiping and giving news. Reading for specific information used as a context to teach the grammar in focus .


Ice breaker- Odd one out (3-5 minutes) • Familiarise students with some verb-noun collocations related to giving news (such as: get sacked,have an operation,etc....)

Set them in groups.Tell them that they are going to play a game. Explain that there is going to be a set of four words or phrases and one among them do not match the three others. They have to find the odd one. Mingle and check with the others groups. Some CCQs to check their understanding. Eg: When get sacked do you usually find a new job or lose your job? When you get promoted do you have a better job /do you receive more money or less? Do you usually have an operation when you have some health problems? Are you happy when you fail an exam? WC feedback.

Stage 1-Brainstorming (3-5 minutes) • An introduction to the reading

Ask them how many different ways they know to give news.Elicit answers and write them on the board using bullet points. Show them the picture and get a WC feedback. Eg: e-mail, post card,note, sms.

Stage 2- Reading (8-10 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Students will read the readings and try to answer the questions related.They will be put in pairs to do the task. Then they will change pairs to check their answers. AKs provided.

Stage 3- Reading (2-4 minutes) • Reading for specific information

The class will be devided to groups . This time ask students to read the messages one more time and underline all the verbs in present perfect. Mingle and check with other groups . Look at message B,is there any past tense verb? circle it. Ask them why this verb is in past tense?

Stage 4- Find the puzzle (5-7 minutes) • Awareness raising on the structure in focus

5 puzzles related to present perfect and its usage with just, already, yet and simple past tense are given to each group,they should read them, the names will be there on the wall for them. They have to walk around the room and find the right tittle. Then I'll ask the other groups to check. WC feedback.

Stage 5- Insert it right (6-8 minutes) • To familiarise students with the place of time words

Handouts will be given to groups.There are some sentences and some words in brackets. Students will insert the time words in their right places according to what they had learnt in the previous stage.Then they will check. An example will be provided for the students. Ak will be given to them.This time I ask them to look at the messages one more time and try to match the sentences with the messages.WC feedback.

Stage 6- Write the form (4-6 minutes) • To familiarise students with the form in print

Write the examples on the board by eliciting from students. Play the CD for pronunciation and sentence stress. Ask them to repeat.

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