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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary, A1 level


In this lesson students learn about the Family and friends. They will handle with the possessive grammar. At the end the students will be given the chance to speak about this topic and produce the target language.


Abc Global Elementary Unit 3, p.31
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Abc Answer key HO
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Abc Shakespeare's picture

Main Aims

  • To teach the grammar of possessive 's in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the students with the chance to speak and produce the target language


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage the students

To set the context I will draw the students attention to the reading text p. 31, the one which the previous teacher taught. I will show the Shakespeare's picture and ask them who is he? and elicit the answer that he is a writer and poet like Mevlana. I will ask them how many families are there in the text? They will answer five and they will name them. After I can ask how many daughters did King Lear have? 3 daughters. And after all these revisions and engagements I will ask them to do Ex.1 p.31 alone and check in pairs. Then I will check the feed back in the whole class by asking one of the students the answer for number one if everybody agrees we will go to next question and that student choose the second student to give the answer if there is disagreement in the answers I will let them discuss and reach the correct answer and of course I will correct whenever necessary and write the answers on the board.

Eliciting Grammar rules (4-5 minutes) • to encourage students to build on what they knew

I will ask students to think in pairs and then tell me the meaning of the examples in Ex.1 on p.31, (what is the meaning of Romeo's girlfriend? = The Romeo's girlfriend) and I will elicit the rules of the grammar in this stage. I will show them 2 pictures one form Romeo and Juliet, the other from King Lear's daughters. And I will point to my cellphone and tell this my cellphone,or... then write on the board this is Teacher's cellphone/mobile phone. Then I will write down on the board the rule and some examples. I will point out that unless possessive 's and contracted form of is looks the same they are different. I will warn them to be careful not to make mistake. To get the feedback I will ask some of the students ideas and write them on the board, give them time to think and at the end confirm the correct one if needed.

Exposure (5-6 minutes) • To provide a model of the task and highlight the TL

I will ask them to underline the similar phrases with 's in pairs in the reading text. Then I will give every one the name of King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello. Then put all the King Lear in one group all the Hamlets one and same for the rest to put them in five different groups. Then I will ask them to send one person from their group to come to the board and underline their related paragraph, for example the person from King Lear group will underline the King Lear paragraph. Then I will ask everyone if they agree and check the meaning of some of them, if they still need clarification.

Elicitation (2-3 minutes) • eliciting plural possessive

I will elicit the rest of grammar which is plural possessive. I will show a picture OHP and tell This is my father (pointing) This is my mother. They are parents. My mother's name is Fatma. And my father's name is Ali. show a picture of a car and then tell This is my parents' car. Then I will write them on the board and elicit the rule, and write. Then I will ask in pairs tell what are their parents' name? monitor them and ask some of them in the WC.

Task (5-7 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice the TL

For this part I will somehow pre-teach the word "rival". I will ask if the enemy means friend or not and then tell them that rival means enemy. After that I will ask them to do the ex. 2 p.31. Check in pairs and for the feedback I will give them the answer key I mean the completed text.

Practice (4-6 minutes) • To provide an opportunity for students to practice the TL

I will write ex 1 p. 141 on some colorful cards and I will add some more examples from students and the class. Then I will give cards to students and ask them to find their match in the class, who finds first is the winner. For the FB I will ask each match to read their card loud.

Practice and Produce (4-5 minutes) • To practice the 's in the context of family, a chance to review the family vocabulary

I will give students a HO to complete, for instruction I will give them example on the board which is also written in their HO. Then they will check in pair and for FB I will ask two early finishers ( or others if there are no early finisher) to come to board and write down the answers as the HO is projected on the board.

Speaking (6-8 minutes) • To help the students to practice the TL

I will group them based on line up activity in which the question is the number of their sisters, then I will ask students to look at their family trees which they had in previous teacher's lesson and ask each other in groups about their family members' job, house, car, favorite color, favorite food and favorite sport. Then they can ask out of their group for FB and WC listen.

Extra Practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide students adequate practice of TL

If time: I will take some of the students properties and put them all on a table or a box, then students in pair will ask each other: " Is that Tuncay's pen?" " No, It isn't. It is Fetiye's pen." I will demo at first. And get feedback in the whole class by asking some pairs.

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