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TP2 grammar .
Beginner level


First of all , I will review family vocab , ages and jobs through speaking practice . In this lesson , I aim at enabling students first to differentiate between ( s ) for plural , ('s ) for contraction and possessive 's .This will be going on by giving examples , drawing charts and using real objects . I also have to get them familiar with the question word ( Whose ) .


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Main Aims

  • To get students able to distinguish between ( s) for plural , (s0 for contraction and possessive 's in meaning .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get all students well acquainted on how to ask ,answer and speak and practice about their jobs , ages and their countries .


Warm - up (1-2 minutes) • To make some kind of refreshment for the new lesson.

I welcome and greet all the students saying " Hi , Good morning and so on " . I ask the new students about their names and nationalities .

review (6-8 minutes) • To make revision and to make sure that students are able to practice talking easily about jobs , names and nationalities through questions and answers .

I write scattered words on the board . Then , I ask the students to work in pairs trying to form new questions and three answers from these scattered words . I will give them about seven minutes to finish the task . Of course, these words form questions and answers about jobs , names and countries . The students work in pairs and then I check their answers .

Focus on Possessive 's (7-8 minutes) • To improve the students' ability to practice speaking using possessive 's correctly .

I put some real objects like ( a book - a watch - a pen - a pencil - two different colored cups ) on the board . Then, I ask about five students to come on up and each student will have one thing . Next, I ask each one ( What do you have ? ) and he /she answers with ( I have a watch ). I do the same thing with the other four students . Then I ask the five students to put what they have on the desk again and ask ( Whose book is it ? ) . The answer will be ( It's Adil's book . ) . I continue asking the same questions about the other four things and the students answer me . Then I get another students to ask about the five things again and the students participate and answer the questions easily .

identifying possessive 's . (6-8 minutes) • To get the student well acquainted on how to differentiate between ( 's ) for contraction and that of possessive 's .

First , I I write two examples on the board , one stands for identifying ( 's ) for contraction " He's from England ." and the other identifies possessive ('s ) " I like my father's house . ) .Then , I let the students participate and give me another examples . Next , I give the students a hangout exercise from ( Straightforward, Student Book pages 34, 35 ) and get them work on the task in pairs . I give them about four minutes to finish , then I check their answers and ask two students to write the two forms in a chart I draw on the board .

Speaking practice Skill . (7-8 minutes) • To practice speaking easily using possessive 's .

I ask all students to come on up and leave and make a big circle including me . I hold a squeaky thing and say ( My brother's name is Adil .) . Then I ask a question ( What's your brother 's name ? ) and throw the squeaky doll to another student to do the same or ask another question as he / she likes .The task will be going on till every body practices speaking more .

Challenge . (8-10 minutes) • To stimulate all students to participate in speaking practice .

I form a chart on the board by sticking pictures of a family tree. Then ,I divide the students into two groups . The race starts as following ; I ask a question about the chart like ( who's John's father ? ) .The group who answers first will have one point in the race . I repeat this five times for five questions . Next , I ask the the two groups to form questions about the family tree like ( what's Tom's job ? ) . Of course , the question will be about the part I point to . Finally , I collect the points of each group to see which one is the winner .

Writing and speaking skills . (6-7 minutes) • To encourage the students to work in pairs , practice speaking and writing .

I distribute two handouts ( Face 2 Face Teacher's Book pages , 119,120 ) to each pair of students. First , I instruct the students on how to deal with the exercise and give them about ten minutes to finish it . After they finish in ten minutes , I will make an open discussion on the task . I will ask a group to ask and the other to answer and exchange the role many times .

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