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Tp 4
intermediate level


In this session the students are going to learn some shopping words and they watch a short video about it. They are going to listen to an audio about a shopaholic and they will do some exercises about it.


Abc listening for specific questions
Abc vieo questions
Abc Find someone who...
Abc matching handout

Main Aims

  • listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • vocabulary


Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • to engage Ss and introduce the topic

T gives Ho has some questions on it. T plays a video for Ss and wants them to answer the questions in pairs. Then gives FB. T shows some question on the power point related to the shopping for clothes and wants them to talk about those questions. Then gives FB.

vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • to pre-teach the vocabularies for listening

T divides the class to 5 or 6 groups and gives Ss matching HO and wants them to match the words and their meanings. T monitors and gives FB. T gives answer keys. If it is needed , T asks CCQs and drills.

Listening for detail (8-15 minutes) • To listen for finding specific questions

T hands out some questions and wants Ss to listen to an interview individually . Then they must find the questions which weren't asked. Then teacher gives FB. If it is needed T plays again. T plays the listening again and wants them to take note of the answers of the questions which interviewer asked. Then they check their answers in their groups. Teacher gives WC FB if Ss don't write the answers, T plays it again. Then Give FB.

Post- listening (5-10 minutes) • To speak more about shopping

T gives Ss "Find someone who.." HO and wants them to walk around the class and asks each other the questions and find the person and write one name for each person. Teacher gives them FB.

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