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Assessed TP1
A2 Pre-intermediate level


Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice vocabulary related to weddings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practise in speaking for fluency


Lead-in (12-15 minutes) • 1. To introduce yourself and try to remember the sts names. 2. To set the context of weddings.

1. T greets Sts and introduces himself/herself. 2. T invites STS to know more about each other. In open pairs, STS try to remember names of the person to their left. If they don't remember then the person to their right can try. If they're not successful, someone else in class can try. 3. T tells sts he wants to learn who's married and who isn't and elicits the question: "Are you married or single?" and gets them mixing away from their desks to try to ask as many peers as they can in 1 minute and remember their answers. They then go back to their seats. 4. T gets feedback by pointing at 5 students, choosing 5 peers to remember their marital status. 5. T asks "What's the name of the party at the beginning of a marriage?" eliciting the word "wedding" and putting it up on the WB. 6. T asks STS to think of 5 words related to wedding, and then gets WC FB (5-10 words), makes sure they get pronunciation and meaning right and then writes the words on the WB.

Vocabulary (10-13 minutes) • To introduce 12 terms related to weddings

1. T says "Let's look at some more words related to weddings" and he puts "weddings pics" on projector, giving them the "wedding textbook exercises" HO, and asking STS to find the seven terms in ex. 1 in the pics in pairs in 1 minute. 2. T gets WC FB and checks answers, drilling pronunciation of problematic words and asking CCQs to check understanding of words. 3. STS are asked to do the gap-fill ex. 2 in pairs. T checks answers (without the recording), drilling pronunciation of problematic words and asking CCQs. 4. T gives STS "wedding definition match" HOs and asks them, now individually, to match the words in the box to their definitions. 5. T checks answers.

Speaking (15-20 minutes) • To practise the vocab and improve fluency

1. T explains that STS are now going to practise the vocab they've learned by describing weddings they have been to. 2. T invites an open pair to ask answer the questions, assisting where necessary. 3. In closed pairs, STS do the activity. T monitors, scaffolding and making sure STS use TL. 4. T asks a couple of pairs randomly to tell him what they talked about.

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