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Kamal Khaksaran / TP 5/24th September/ Vocabulary and speaking
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about new words and phrases and speaking in the context of ups and downs of life. First, they will learn the lexis and in pairs talk about the subject, and after that by reading almost ten sentences they will chose the best option. After that, they will do the discussion task. Following the matching task, there is a role-play exercise in which they will take turns to ask different questions about what is good or bad for body.


Abc Vocabulary
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Main Aims

  • To provide practice for new vocabulary about our health and speaking for fluency

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in speaking


Warmer/Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will start by introducing myself with some pictures and have quick greeting as a whole class activity. I will start by asking students to look at the picture on the wall, and ask them to walk around the class and see what will you understand about different pictures then they will sit-down and talk about the pictures and then they will be asked do you know what is good for you (physically and psychologically)? I will be make sure that students understand me that I will be talking about things that are good or bad for you both physically and psychologically. I will put students in pairs and I will set the activity. I will check the answers as a whole class.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading

I will put students into small groups. i will check that they understand that some items in the box could go on both lists (i.e. items that are good and bad for you). I will encourage students to guess unknown words and if they have dictionary with them to use it. When they have finished the activity, i will check the answers as a whole class. If there is disagreement, i will ask students to say why they chose a particular answer.

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

I will put students into pairs, i will tell them who is student A and who is B. Then i will give them some time to look at the questions and choose the best alternative. I will encourage students to predict the words in bold, i will walk around the class to make sure that students are answering the questions correctly, by looking at the ticks.

Productive Task (6-12 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

I will write this question on the WB and ask them to express their ideas in pairs. Which information do you find most/least surprising? is there anything that you don't really believe? Then i will divide them into two groups; people who agree and people disagree. Then i will put them in front of each other to discuss their ideas.

Feedback and Error Correction (3-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

As a feed back i will ask them to write one paragraph about what is good and what is bad for body,,,

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