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TP 2
Elementary level


This reading lesson sets the context for both lessons. ıt allows for review of some of the vocabulary from the last couple of lessons, and also provides examples of the TL for the next lesson.


Abc Coursebook, handouts, whiteboard and audio

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in reading for gist, specific information and detail in the context of adults living home

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking/ Present Simple/ Review family vocab


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

To lead in for speaking activity I will draw a family tree of my own name and my family members' names on it. I will tell about my family, eg Antonio is my son. He's 13 and he is American. He's a good boy. He lives in Ankara. I will tell the students to copy it and complete the family tree for themselves.

Pre-teach vocabulary (8-10 minutes)

Give them context with the new vocabulary to read. The context says; My name is Sue. I am 18 yeras old and I am a student. I’m not married. I still live with my parents. I don’t want to leave home when ı go to university. My mother’s opinion, ‘ I’m happy that Sue lives with us’. I will underline the words which I will be teaching. 1-Opinion: (C), plural= opinions (noun) /əˈpɪn.jən/ Meaning: a thought or belief about something or someone CCQs ‘I think he is a good boy’ Do I have an opinion? Yes Is it a good opinion? Yes Ask a student one or two ‘Am I a good teacher? Yes/ No Is it your opinion? Yes 2-Parent:(C), plural= parents (noun) /ˈpeərənt/ Meaning: Your mother or father CCQs :Draw a family tree of a child, draw mother and father? Show mother’s picture and ask ‘Is she a sister?’ No ‘Is she a parent?’ Yes Show both mother and father pictures ‘Are they both parents?’ 3-Leave: (verb) /liːv/ Meaning: to go away from a place or a situation, either permanently or for a temporary period CCQs: Do you stay? No Do you go somewhere? Yes Problems and Solutions Students might have problem with the pronunciation. They might say it like live /lɪv/. Drill with students. 4-Married: (adj) /ˈmærid/ Meaning: A married man or woman has a wife or husband CCQs: Do you have a husband/ wife? (Ask one of the student who wears a ring) Yes Is he/she married? Yes Problems and solutions: Students might think married is a noun because in Turkish it’s a noun. We might give some more examples on the board, for example, I am happy Tell students that happy is an adjective and I’m not married. Tell them married is an adjective as well.

Speaking (3-5 minutes)

I will write on the board these questions: 'How old are you' and 'Do you live with your parents? Why/ Why not? I will do one example with a student. And then tell them ' walk around the classroom'. When I say stop I will ask them to ask their partners these questions and answer them.

Pre-reading (1-2 minutes)

Show the Picture Andy and ask 'WHO can you see?' Students will say a man. Then ask 'How old is he? Students give their opinions.

Initial reading (4-6 minutes)

I will break this into sections. First I will tell them to read The Castle Family. Then I will ask them 'what is the problem?' for exercise 1 in reading part. Students tell me he is 37 years old but still lives with his parents. I will tell to read His mother's opinion part. after they finish I will ask them 'Is it a problem for his mother?' They will say 'No'. Then I will tell them to read his father's opinion. After they finish I will ask ' Is it a problem for his father? Then they will say 'Yes'. Finally I will them to read Andy's opinion. After they are done with that part I will ask 'Is it a problem for Andy?' Students will say 'No'

Post reading (3-5 minutes)

In reading exercise 2 I will tell students 'Read the sentences and underline the correct word'. For a demo I will ask them 'Is Andy 32 yeras old?' and they will say 'No'. I will write the first exercise on the board. 'Andy is/ isn't 32 years old' and ask one of the student 'Do I underline is or isn't?' Student will say isn't. Then I will tell to do it as a pair and do the feedback as a whole class for the right answers.

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