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Copy of Quantifiers Lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss learn quantifiers through test-teach-test approach following an exercise about countable, uncountable and plural nouns. They are tested to see what they already know about quantifiers. Based on the problems that arise, the target language is explained and in the end, Ss are tested again to find out how much they have understood.


Main Aims

  • To clarify and practise the quantifiers in the context of objects taken when planning a trip

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with a chance to use the target language through a speaking task


Warmer/Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and review countable and uncountable nouns

The teacher greets Ss and points at his bag asking ''what is this?''. Then, Ss are asked what's in it. The objects are taken out of the bag one by one. ( a phone, a watch, a book, money, toothpaste, perfume, glasses and headphones) Ss are prompted to shout out what the objects are called. Their answers are written on the board in three categories. (Countable, Uncountable and Plural Nouns) Once Ss are familiar with these categories, they are given a H/O and asked to do Ex 3. They check and compare their answers.

Test #1 (5-6 minutes) • To find out students' prior knowledge of the quantifiers

Ss are put into pairs and asked to do Ex 4a by looking at the picture on page 54. In this exercise, they are expected to circle the correct quantifiers. The teacher monitors and offers help when needed. When they have finished, the answers are elicited.

Teach (10-15 minutes) • To clarify the quantifiers where students had difficulty in the first test stage through photos

Once the gaps in Ss's prior knowledge are revealed, the teacher focuses their attention on the problematic words. ( a few, a lot of etc.) Some photos ae hung on the board and sentences are written under each photo using the corret quantifier. This is done by the teacher. CCQs are asked: '' Do we use a few with uncountable nouns?'' No. ''Do we use a lot of/ lots of with countable and uncountable nouns?'' Yes. ''Do we use a little/ a bit of with uncountable nouns?'' Yes. After ensuring Ss have gained a good understanding of the quantifiers, another set of photos are placed on the board. This time, Ss work in pairs to make sentences for each photo. (There are 5 photos.)

Test #2 (5-7 minutes) • To give students another test to check their understanding of the quantifiers

Ss are given a worksheet to work in groups of three and correct the mistakes in the sentences. They need to decide which quantifier should replace the one given. Ss are allowed some time as the teacher walks around and monitors. They compare their answers with other groups. The answer key is hung on the board in order for them to check.

Free practice (8-11 minutes) • To let students practise the target language through speaking

Ss continue to work in groups of three to tell one another about what they have in their fridges. The teacher gives a demo so that everything is clear for Ss.( There are lots of bananas in my fridge, There is a little milk, There isn't much meat) They are encouraged to use the quantifiers during this activity. Ss take turns to speak. The teacher monitors and assists if necessary.

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