dilara saygin dilara saygin

Teaching practice 7
Elementary level


In this Lesson, Students will first learn about celebrations and they are going to read about celebrations. Also, they will learn more about past tense irregular verbs and they will talk more about celebrations. Furthermore, they will also talk about verbs and celebrations.


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Main Aims

  • To provide scan and detailed reading practice using a text about wedding,retirement party in the context of celebrations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of wedding,retirement party in the context of celebrations


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • to introduce the topic

-When teacher is sure about all students are settled up, She turns on the music. - She invites students to get up and dance a little bit. - Later on, after 2 minutes and so, she stops the music and asks the class where can we play this music. -After eliciting the answer,she turns on Turkish traditional wedding song and invites students to the stage. - 2 minutes later, she stops the music and tells them to hold hands of their partner and sit down.

Matching activity (4-6 minutes) • to check their knowledge about the topic

-After students sat down with their partners, T shows them the picture of celebration cards. - She says " Please, match the cards with their names. " - After, they finish matching, tell them to discuss with their partners "What do you celebrate? Do you celebrate the events in exercise 1? , how do you celebrate? " - she will write on the board " What was the last celebration you went to?,What was it for? Who was it for?, When was it? Where was it? What did you do there? " - After this exercise, she gets some feedback. - She will go on the next stage.

reading for gist (4-6 minutes) • to give them a general idea of reading

-Teacher distributes the readings. - She tells them " Please, read the text now and match with these 3 options." - She gives them short time and asks later which blog belongs to which option. - After they found out the general idea, She elicits the answers. - After these activity, she will go ahead and continue to next stage.

Scan Reading (4-10 minutes) • to get details about reading

- Teacher now tells them to read more carefully. -She distributes hand outs which has 3 sentences on it. - Later, she tells them to put the sentences in the correct reading. -Then, they should check the answers with their partners.

Reading for details (5-8 minutes) • to read for details

- She changes the partners by using colored papers. - After students sat down, they will decide which one is True and which one is False. -After enough time is given, Students will come up on the board and write their answers. - Teacher would check the answers. and go on the next stage.

Extra time activity (4-6 minutes) • To provide students with some words

- Teacher writes on the board some words that was in the reading. - Teacher tells them to find the phrases in the readings and asks them; -Was the dinner very good or very bad? -Did Richard know there were 60 people at the party? -How did he feel? -Are there a lot of people at a big wedding? -After this activity Students will go on to then next activity.

Speaking activity (4-8 minutes) • to speak about what they have learned

- Teacher asks the students " which of these three celebration you would like to go to most?" - She will regroup the students. - Teacher will ask them to talk in their groups.

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