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Speaking Practice Lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn about grammar through a speaking task about expats. The lesson starts with the students reading an example about an expat. This is followed by the students creating a similar text about their new life as an expat. Finally there is a group task where the students introduce themselves to another person.


Abc Gap-filled handout

Main Aims

  • To give controlled and semi-controlled speaking practice through the context of expats.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Simple Present-positive and negative, verb-noun collocations.


Task One (5-7 minutes) • Students will be able to read a text and then write something similar.

The students will be given an example text to read, while the teacher is putting prompts on the whiteboard. The students will them write a new life for themselves based on what they have just read using the prompts on the board to help them out. The students are then put into pairs and tell each other about their new life.

Task Two (5-7 minutes) • The pairs join another pair and introduce their partner to the others.

Students are then put together with another pair and then they have to introduce their partner to the other pair. Students are using the third person, eg. he or she.

Task Three (15-25 minutes) • Students work in pairs to fill out the worksheet.

The students are put back into pairs. Show the students the worksheet. Explain to them that the worksheet is about expats and that they have to fill in the gaps by asking each other questions. All of the empty boxes in table A should match the boxes in table B and vice versa. Both tables should be exactly the same. Students are not allowed to show each other their pieces of paper. After all the boxes are filled, the students look at the information and read the complete sentences to each other.

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