Chareen Chareen

A2 level


Adjectives (good and bad)


Abc HO - matching adjectives with nouns
Abc HO - Adjective chart
Abc HO - Conversation Starters

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary (Adjectives)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and Pronunciation


Introduction (3-4 minutes) • Example of a 'good' and 'bad' adjective

T will show ss a picture (on my computer) of a kayak on Lake Tahoe, California on a 'lovely' day. T then tells ss the water is freezing cold (freezing water = bad adjective). T tells ss swimming in the lake is not fun.

Part 1 (7-8 minutes) • Add 'good' and 'bad' adjectives to chart

T instructs ss to use the vocabulary HO to add to the chart HO by placing the 'good' or 'bad' adjectives under the correct categories of the chart HO. T will perform a short choral drill for the pronunciation of the adjectives. The vocabulary has the pronunciation the ss can refer to. SS partner complete the chart HO. T monitors and provides delayed FB as necessary.

Part 2 4.10 Audio (12-15 minutes) • Listening to Conversation 4.10 for intonation

T instructs ss to listen to the audio. T places ss with partner to listen to audio a second time and in PW underline on their individual vocab HO when they hear the adjective spoken (the ss have the vocabulary list of adjectives used in the audio). The ss partner check their pronunciation of the adjectives. T monitors and gives delayed FB to WC for any noticeable pronunciation errors.

Part 3 - 4.11 Audio of Conversation (10-12 minutes) • Matching nouns to adjectives

T instructs ss to listen to conversation audio, and to pay attention to the adjectives used to describe the nouns. T provides ss with matching HO of the 6 focused (nouns) and the adjectives used to describe the subject nouns. T plays the audio a second time instructing the ss to underline or circle the adjectives. SS work with partner.

Part 4 - 4 Continuation of conversation (5-7 minutes) • Listening and Pronunciation

T examples number 1. "The weather's lovely isn't is?" "Yes, the weather is lovely." SS mingle to continue number 2 - 6 for conversation. T monitors and gives delayed FB as necessary,

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