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Comparing daily life in America
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will learn about the habitual past through a YouTube video on daily colonial life in America. Students will use this video and a worksheet with multiple exercises to make comparisons between the habitual past and the present. Students will then use role playing cards for spoken and written language production in the form of a poem.


Abc Pictures of old and new technology
Abc Video of American Colonial Life
Abc Worksheet
Abc Role playing cards

Main Aims

  • To use the habitual past form within the context of American daily life

Subsidiary Aims

  • Comparing the past and present using the habitual past form and the present cont.


Warm up (3-4 minutes) • To set the context and get students interested in the topic

T holds up pictures of old technology and household and elicits what they are from Ss. After Ss answer, T writes new vocabulary on the board.

Lead in/Preteach (2-3 minutes) • To create further interest and ensure Ss gain exposure to the TL

T divides draws a line down the middle of the board. One on side, T writes "eskiden", on the side "similar". T holds up the pictures containing outdated and modern technology side by side and asks the Ss "Şimdi insanlar hangisi kullanıyor?" Once Ss respond, T puts the picture under the correct heading and then asks, "Eskiden insanlar hangisini kullanıyordu?" Ss respond and T places the rest of the pictures as they do. T asks CCQs? "Insanlar hala kullanıyor mu?" "Ne zaman" "kaç sene önce"

Presentation/Controlled practice (15-20 minutes) • Ss gain further exposure to the TL/ review of present tense/ production of TL

T gives instruction about the worksheet and asks ICQs. T puts on a video of colonial life. Ss watch a Turkish dubbed version of a video about colonial life in America. As they watch the video, Ss circle the correct answers on their worksheet. Ex: İnsanlar ışık için mum yakarlardı. Doğru veya Yalnış? T and Ss check answers together. After the video, Ss are out into pairs. The third S can pair up with the teacher. For the questions that are false, Ss correct the sentences to make it true. Ss check each other's answers. T initiates a discussion topic and asks each S individually what people do in the present. Ss review past grammar and construct sentences using the present cont. "Şimdi insanlar elektrik kullanıyorlar"

Freer Practice (20-25 minutes) • To achieve spoken and written production in the TL

T gives instructions about the role playing cards. T puts Ss into pairs. T acts out an example for clarification. Each S receives role playing card. The cards are split in two, "eskiden, şimdi" On each side there are the same set of action pictures. The cards have a tick or a cross over the pictures, indicating if the action used to happen in the past or occurs in the present. Ss use their partners to form questions for the habitual past and present tense using speech. Ex: S1: Eskiden sigara içer miydin? S2: (Eskiden sigara) içmezdim. S1: Şimdi sigara içiyor musun? S2: (Şimdi sigara) içiyorum. They both record their partners answers on a piece of paper. " Eskiden sigara içermezdi, şimdi içiyor." Etc. In the end they will have a little poem about their partner, which they will read out loud. For assessment. T will monitor Ss during written and spoken production and correct them when necessary T will do a follow up assessment the following lesson while checking homework.

Homework • To ensure more practice in TL that Ss can complete on their own time

Ss are given a topic about daily life in Turkey and they must create 5 sentences comparing the "then and now." Sentences must be accompanied with pictures that they can bring on their iPads.

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