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Self-made activity
B1/B2 level


In this lesson, Ss will improve their speaking and listening skills based on handouts, picture and audio materials.


Abc Audio Materials
Abc Eric's picture
Abc Handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide a clear clarification to Ss

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening for gist


Lead-in (0-2 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ss will be shown Eric's picture and they will be asked to guess what he does in his life.

Pre-Speaking/Listening (8-15 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

-Ss will be provided with the handouts and they will be asked to cover the text on the page in order to make them listen to it and guess who's talking to Eric. - Ss will be asked to pair check and elicit. -Ss will be asked to do the ex1b and pair check it. -Ss will be asked to uncover the text and check their answers. -Ss will be asked if there answers were correct or not.

Clarifying language (3-8 minutes) • To provide students with Clarification and take feedback from them.

Ss will do ex 2a and b. - Ss will be monitored while they are on task and they will be provided with help as much as possible. -Checking Ss understanding will be the best way to take feedback.

Speaking (8-20 minutes) • To improve Ss speaking skills

-Ss will be asked to take roles in the conversation. They will work in pair and pretend to be the speakers in the conversation. -Ss will be asked to choose a question and make some notes about it. They will be given enough time for that. In addition to that, help will be given to them according to their needs. -Ss will work in pair, one will take the role A and the other will take the role B. The As will give an opinion about of the questions in ex4 and the Bs will listen and ask for clarification, and then the As will clarify what he was saying.

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