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Copy of TP3 - Prepositions of Place
A2 ( elemetary) level


In this lesson, students review and learn the prepositions of place. First they look at some descriptions of houses and find the prepositions. Then via a powerpoint file, the teacher reviews the prepositions with them and after that they look at a piece of a map and make sentences using prepositions. Next they do a freer task practicing both concepts of present simple questions and prepositions.


Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of the prepositions of place in the context of houseswaping and using street map

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in speaking using prepositions and simple present wh-questions


lead-in (4-5 minutes) • to review the prepositions of place ss had learned before

Ss work in pairs try to find and underline the prepositions of place in the reading text they received in their previous lesson. T elicits the answers and nominates some ss to read them.

presentation (6-7 minutes) • to review and provide them with a list of prepositions of place

Ss observe a projection of a list of prepositions of place step by step while the teacher elicits examples and provide models. Ss receive some notes and practical details of the prepositions on a handout which they can use as a reference for their upcoming tasks.

freer practice (9-10 minutes) • to pracitce using the prepositions in the sentences in the context of describing a street map

Ss are provided with a simple street map projected on the board. T tells them a short story about a person who wants to go to these places. T models some questions and elicits the answers. Some example sentences are shown on the board for the Ss to understand the structure better. Ss in pairs or small groups look at the map making sentences using prepositions. T observes and provides help. Some ss present the sample answers they made.

controlled practice/ gap-filled (9-10 minutes) • to practice using the prepositions in the context of reading street map

Ss receive a handout containing a piece of a street map and a set of sentences. Ss work in pairs to complete the blanks in the sentences with appropriate prepositions based on what they see on the street map. T nominates some pairs to give the answers and the whole class listen and check their answers; if wrong, they provide the correct one.

freer activity - information gap (14-15 minutes) • to practice simple present questions and prepositions of place

SS are put in two groups of As and Bs. Each of the groups of A and B receive different information gap handouts which are complementary to each other. First ss in each group prepare a set of questions regarding the blanks of information in their text. Then one A and one B pairs off and ask each other their questions and try to complete their texts.

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