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Kim-TP1-Sing. neg. form of `To Be`
Beginner level


In this lesson, the students will follow up on the previous lesson about countries and nationality by further developing on theses terms and also by using the singular negative form of `to be` which will be continued with further emphasis on the context of famous people and places. They will be doing specific speaking exercises, games and group tasks either in groups or pairs.


Abc nationality activity
Abc grammar activity

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice the singular negative form of `to be`in the context of famous people and places

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give sts controlled speaking practice


Warmer/Pre-Grammer (5-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students by referring to previous TP about countries

Ask the students how they would say the nationality of each country by giving an example of 'Turkey - I am Turk ish' Ask the Ss to repeat - I am from Turkey - I am Turkish - I'm Turkish Write down 11 predesignated countries on the WB. Canada Australia France Japan Turkey China Brazil Spain Italy Egypt India Then ask the Ss to guess what the nationality of each country on this list is. Then write on the WB the endings -ish, -n, -an, -ian, -ese, and OTHER: Switzerland -Swiss, France-French, the UK- British. Greece -Greek. Canada-Canadian. Ask them to repeat and drill the pronunciation.

Grammer Introduction (5-6 minutes) • To introduce Ss with the Verb 'To Be' in the singular negative form

Write on the WB Verb : To Be (contracted form) I am - I’m You are - You’re He is - He’s have them repeat and then explain the negative form -not (contracted negative form) I am not - I’m not You are not - You’re not He is not - He’s not Another version of negative form I’m not - (ALWAYS THE SAME) You are not - You aren’t He is not - He isn’t Have the Ss repeat

Pre-Grammer + Grammer Stages Link (10-12 minutes) • To engage students by making them work together

T tells the Ss to work in pairs and tells them that she will be handing out words of countries and their proper nationality endings as well as cut-outs of the neg sing. form of the Verb 'to be' which the students have to put together in the proper order with the correct nationality ending. i.e. Cut-out for Pair 1: Paper 1: He's not, Paper 2: Brazil, Paper 3: ian, Paper 4: ese Paper 5: n T will monitor each PW and then when everyone seems done, will ask a them to repeat theirs out loud.

Grammer Practice (5-7 minutes) • to provide the Ss with more exercises on contractions and neg. sing. of 'to be'

T will write down 6 sentences on the WB leaving some blanks for the Ss to fill out when called up to the front of the classroom with the proper 'm or 's. 1. She___from Istanbul and she___a student. 2. I___from America and I_____a teacher. 3. It isn't a book. It______a pen. 4. You_____Australian, you____from Turkey. 5. He isn't from Japan, he____from China. 6. She's not Brazilian, she_____French. Ask the students T or F questions like: True=Positive(Is) False=Negative (Not) - Zeynep is from Turkey. She's American. T or F? ---Then what is her nationality? - Mohammed Ali is from Egypt. He's Spanish. T or F? ----Then what's his nationality? Write it on the WB

Post-Grammar /Closing Activity (10-12 minutes) • to provide the Ss with a final engaging acitivty to sum up what they were taught

T places a pic of the world on the white board. T tells students she will distribute pictures of people to each person. Each pic will have the name of the country they're from on it. The Ss will individually be called by the T to come to the WB and place their picture on their respective country and tell the class i.e. I am Brazilian. Then the T ask the Ss : Is He/She Turkish? Then the students respond, 'No He/She isn't Turkish, he/she's Brazilian.

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